Friday 30 October 2015

A lazy day, lovely

Yesterday was shopping day, I did not need much and neither did Maggie. We whizzed round Tesco for a handful of things, I wanted a bag of toffee for the crispie cakes, I will be in Cardigan in a weeks time, Cauliflowers were 69p and I found a huge one. I also picked up a bag of mixed peppers reduced to less than half price, now sliced and frozen, and a bag of loose bananas for 30p Kg, a carrot cake has been made ( and sampled).
Then on to Lidl where I spent the grand total of £11.13, and that included 2 weeks supply of cat food for my visitor cat.
All I will need before next Thursday will be a top up of veg, maybe, and some milk.

I had a nothing day apart from a little stacking,

This is just over half of my patches waiting to be sewn together, maybe later.

This morning I did a little carving.

I used the flesh to make a curry, ready for next week, and have this ready to go out tomorrow. I rubbed a little spice mix into the mouth to make it look a bit more menacing.
I also made a batch of pasta sauce for the freezer, I had some veg that needed using.
I will post both recipes on my Random Recipes in the side bar, that will be after a cuppa.

I have a load of washing on the line, it is a reasonable day, and hope to get it ironed later.
There may be a little sewing, there will be some crochet, I had a day off yesterday and indulged in surfing my way around the world.
I almost caught up with blog reading and comments, I am happy with that. I found some new recipes and some new places to pop in on a regular basis.
All in all it was a good day.
Now for that cuppa.

                    TTFN                                                Pam


  1. Love the pumpkin carving! Glad you had a good day, it's nice just to do your own thing sometimes :)

  2. Well your pumpkin is cute as can be. He actually looks like a very nice pumpkin trying to look mean. :) You seem to get a lot done, even on a day off.

  3. I've been pumpkin carving too! That's as much as I'm doing this year. I just love the fabric you are using for your quilt. Gorgeous colours. Enjoy your weekend. X

  4. Do you ever stop Pam, love your pumpkin.

  5. So nice to be busy like this! Your patches are lovely! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)


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