Friday 16 October 2015

Meal Planning to save time and money

Well just look at me, all sorted in the kitchen (and a start made on the bathroom) 
I will be having an easy ride for a few weeks, very little shopping and a lot less cooking.
My meal plans have been drawn up for a month and almost half of them will be "ding dinners" with some fresh veg. 
I made a start on the new regime last night, I had a serving of beef casserole and a tub with cooked cabbage and mashed carrot and swede in the freezer. So I whipped up a batch of batter, made a tray Yorkshire pudding and got 2 plates like this out of it.

I used 2 eggs, 4oz Pl flour and between 1/4 and 1/2 pint of milk and water. It took 20 minutes in the mini oven and was delicious. Ben had the leftovers this morning.

Next weeks is this,

Sunday, Roast Lamb, a small joint that was less than half price in my local shop, with roast potatoes, cauli cheese (from the freezer) and carrots.
While the oven is on I will roast a tray of ready diced veg from the freezer for Monday
Monday, Roast veg and chestnut tart, I will slice some fresh spinach from the garden and scatter over the tart as soon as it comes out of the oven.
Tuesday, Ready cooked pork shank in mushroom sauce from the freezer, bought half price in Lidl, with potatoes and steamed veg
Wednesday, Chilli and rice from the freezer.
Thursday, Kidney bean and carrot patties with home made coleslaw and flat bread.
Friday, Honey and Mustard chicken with potato wedges and sweetcorn and peas.
Saturday, Home made Pizza, topped with left over chicken, smoked sausage from the freezer and peppers. The base sauce will be from the freezer as well.
All that I need to buy is a chicken, I will use 1 breast for this, I will be frozen as will the thighs and drumsticks.
 The body carcase will go into the slow cooker with some chopped onion, carrot, celery sticks and fresh herbs from the garden. I will drain it off and freeze the stock, any scraps of meat and gristle will find their way into Ben's dish.
 Tomorrow I am off to Cardigan to see James, Cerys and the littlies, I have a tower of things that I have gathered for them and need the space. I will be having a look in Aldi to compare stock and prices to Lidl, I will not be buying anything, my cupboards are full.
My crochet is ticking along, the forth colour of granny squares is almost completed and the bag of yarn is still beside me. 

I have made a batch of crispie cakes to take with me tomorrow. It is very simple, very moreish and very loaded with calories so an occasional treat.

Take a large pan and put in, 4 oz butter, 4 oz marshmallows and 
4 oz hard toffees. Melt over a low heat and stir frequently.

Remove from heat and add 5 oz crispie cereal.

Press into an ungreased tin, I use the back of a spoon, and leave till cold. Cut into squares or fingers and store in a tin.
I use a plastic box and put baking paper between the layers. 
It is a bit sticky, sweet and crunchy and altogether yummy.
I got the butter from Tesco, their Welsh butter is less than 90p and makes 2 batches with a little over. The rest came from Lidl, enough for 3 batches and cereal left over. They were all on offer a few weeks ago and were under £3 so 3 batches for less than £4. Acceptable in my book, I 'fess up to making a batch for myself, to share out of course, otherwise I would eat it non stop till it was gone.

That,s all for now.

         TTFN                                                         Pam


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    1. Very interesting, I have cut this into shapes and dipped them into melted chocolate, that makes them even more interesting.

  2. Sigh. I just cannot get myself so organized Pam. I used to be, but at the moment I seem to be completely addled! You've got some scrummy meals there, and if you are using the popty-ping, ready in next to no time.

    1. It won't last too long, I am basically getting ready for winter. My next task is to find space to fill with enough food for Ben for 3 months, I can eat anything . at any time but he needs a balanced diet. My ding dinner days will be a joy.

  3. You are certainly organized, I am getting good at putting into the freezer I have just got to remember to take it out. A meal plan would certainly help, great idea.

    1. It is so silly, when I was working full time and dealing with a huge garden I was on the ball with everything. Since I retired I had let it all slide, now I am grabbing the reins again.

  4. I make crispy squares like that but never put toffees in it.... I will now!

  5. What is "swede"? Being American, I have basic ideas of UK ingredients but that one has not come up before.

    1. This is sometimes called a purple topped turnip, it has dense pale to deep orange flesh and can be very hard. I think that it is similar to a rutabaga.

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