Friday 23 October 2015

R A K, ooh, lovely Friday Surprise

I popped into Pontardawe yesterday to pick up a few things from Lidl. Upon my return I found a card from the postie, a parcel was waiting for me in Ammanford. A puzzled bit of head scratching and chin rubbing, nope, nothing, no idea what it could be, forget about it till tomorrow.
Today dawned, wet, grey, d u l l. Made and drunk tea, drunk some more, shower, dry hair get body suitably covered. Ben demanded his walk, then breakfast, drunk more tea, finally woke up completely.

Off to the P O and got my parcel, delightfully wrapped in brown paper, cue Julie cavorting round the mountains while warbling, hopped into car and ripped off paper with excitement. 

Ooh look what I found ( the photos had to wait till I got back home)

Printer paper....? ! ? who sent me printer paper......
Takes lid off as excitement gives way to curiosity and squeal.... excitement is back.

A lovely card in autumnal colours and what treasure is peeping out, Yorkshire flavour crisps!... Oops, Cheese and Caramelised onion crisps, MADE in Yorkshire. Note to self, calm down and read the labels.

Nestling at the back, chocolate cookies, oh, choc chunks in and more choc on the outside  mmmmmmm. Want one now, no no no must wait and keep looking.

Wool from my favourite source, 2 balls! and in new to me colours, lush. Must think about these, perhaps a ball of a deep orange, and/or some dark red will make something very Autumnish for me.

Just look, brain fodder to help me think. What do you mean, only hot chocolate. There is no such thing as Only hot chocolate, it is sublime, moreish, yummy and definitely counts as brain fodder. 

On the other hand they could be relished while indulging in a read, this is the first in a series of books. I like that, I can enjoy this and then look for the rest in the series. Who am I kidding, I will be looking later today.
And last but not least a little treat for Ben, I will have to open these before the cookies. 
All this from Jo Through the Keyhole, I had not exactly forgotten about it, just shunted it into a corner for future reference. 
A Random Act of Kindness, a  Round Robin type of thing if you like.
Now, I would love to carry this RAK forward, if anyone would like a gift from me, tailored to you then drop a comment. All that is required is to be willing to pass it forward to somebody else and have a blog to publish it.
 I will pop all names into something hattish and draw one out.

 In the interest of sanity I will not send a gift off until after you know when. There is plenty of gift choosing to do without putting another on the agenda.
I will however put the winner's name up and then indulge in a little bit of snooping, stalking and in depth studying. All in the interest of putting a gift together as personal to the winner as mine was to me.

Now be warned, I opened my parcel in the car and totally addled my brains, I bought the wrong fitting light bulbs, some Ch******s goodies that I did not intend to and completely forgot about the bag of potatoes that I need. I did manage to pick a sack up on the way home though. I will have to change the light bulbs tomorrow, on the way to Cardigan.
The moral of the tale is only open parcels at home, preferably while sitting down.

I am off to Cardigan tomorrow, in Lidl yesterday I found an indoor tent which is perfect for kaitlyn and Junior. I may even attempt a visit to Crosspatch to look for a beginners cross stitch project.

             TTFN                                                  Pam

PS Thank you for all the comments yesterday, after some more research I am going to Lakeland for my mincer. Mainly because of their reputation and the returns policy, not to mention that I can drive there easily compared to the hassle and cost of retuning some thing via the post.

PPS. I am not about to eat my way through 25Kg of potatoes, some will be going with me tomorrow.

PPSS. I am willing to post overseas, so this RAK is open to my blogging International followers.


  1. PPPS lovely post, nice to get a parcel of goodies.

  2. What a lucky Duckie you are. A surprise parcel containing all your favourites. Who cares about not getting what you intended to get at the shop. I bet you were all smiles. Have another smile from me. I am sharing your joy.
    PS Love the wool colours. I'm thinking about starting a January blanket with muted colours and those colours look as though they may find their way into it.

  3. Oh me, me me, pretty please!!! I love reading your blog, you make me smile at some of the things you get up to, love your recation to the parcel.

  4. What a wonderful surprise! What a fabulous box of goodies! I want to know what C*******s goodies you bought! It's half term now, I'm celebrating with an icing topped mince pie!

  5. How lovely to get a surprise package, and with such lovely goodies in it too.

    A Lakeland mincer sounds the way to go. Is there a Lakeland in Swansea then? We go there so infrequently, and then only generally to meet up with Gabby (middle daughter) for lunch, and K isn't really a shopping sort of person AT ALL!

    I was rather thinking, gosh you get through a fair few spuds on your own. I thought we were living dangerously just buying two bags of reduced King Edwards in Tesco today!

  6. Thats a fabulous surprise parcel to receive Pam, I bet it really lifted the spirits x

  7. 'nother pretty please from here too - esp as you are leaving it until after The Big C! That parcel looks absolutely wonderful. Jo had rally stalked you well!

  8. Yes please add me in. What a treat that would be.

  9. Yes please, how fun! My blog is fairly new (re-born) and this would be a great way to make new bloggie friends! I am in US, but am also fine with shipping anywhere xx

  10. Glad to see the parcel arrived safe and sound, I was starting to get a bit worried. Hope you enjoy.

  11. What a lovely idea. Your parcel contents looked fab. Enjoy.Look forward to see what you make with the wool.

  12. I have shopped with Lakeland for years and they have brilliant things and are good with returns and problems!!


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