Sunday 11 October 2015

The Big Beast is Beaten.

Woo Hoo, the binding is stitched down and The Beast is folded and ready to go under the Tree. One down, two to go. Then there is another in blocks that needs sewing into a flimsy.

It is 80" by 90" and covers the bed with a nice amount hanging at sides and bottom. I love it and see another in my future, probably in January, maybe with a limited colour palette.
Dawn was curious about my planned reading for the inclement days ahead. This is the first line of entertainment, there will be knitting, crochet and sewing as well. Not forgetting the rag rug project that has been on a back burner for ages, it is not forgotten.

Some light hearted biographies, a bit of farming history (fluffed up for the telly)  A few detective novels, Jeanine McMullen's trilogy to enjoy again and a few random books plucked from boxes under the bed.

Some music to yarn along to and a bit of Gavin and Stacey, I like a chuckle as much as the next person. 

As you can see I have quite sophisticated tastes :-)

Some old favourites, I know that most of these appear on various channels at odd times, but I like to watch them as and when I feel like it. Plus I will not pay extortionate fees to watch telly.
I have added another shelf full since taking the photos,  all just as highbrow, Kangaroo Jack, The Marigold Hotel duo, some Dolly Parton and Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium and White Ch******s and It's a Wonderful Life are ready to go.

Today has been fairly busy, sewing, ironing, sewing, sorting through the boxes under the bed and did I mention sewing.
I wanted real comfort food tonight so bring on Toad in the Hole, mashed carrot and swede, cabbage and onion gravy. Y U M.

No picture, too hungry anyway you all know what it looks like.

There is a sausage for Ben, he will have it tomorrow.

Now it is time for a brew and some hooky.

            TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. Oh you make me smile! Love the quilt .....and oh ice age and Barry island, did you sneak into my house and take

  2. Nice selection of reading listening and viewing, its lovely to see the quilt in all its glory, it looks fab, well done :-)

  3. The quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. Wow! I think your quilt is stunning! Liking your eclectic taste in movies too ☺

  5. Looks like you are ready to hibernate until Spring. Beautiful quilt, I like the colours and the randomness design. Such a clever lady.

    Joan (Wales)

  6. Your quilt is exquisite. My husbands granny made quilts for all the grandkids and we still have ours, a bit battered after 30 years, but still used if and when we get cool weather. LOL.
    It's 28C and very low humidity. The thing is we're 5K from the ocean and we're not even getting much ocean breeze.
    Dinner will be freezer frenzy, I think crab cakes for me.

  7. That is a beautiful quilt.

  8. Hi Pam
    Your "beast" is wonderful! I am making one too in batik. I have a few more blocks to make!
    Pugs and kisses,

  9. Wow! that quilt is beautiful. So colourful and yet you can still see a pattern.

  10. The beast looks amazing, a beautiful creation. You are certainly all prepared for the winter months.

  11. That quilt is fantastic. Well done you! I couldn't even attempt something like that. Mmmm.... toad in the hole. I've not had it in years. I might have to give it a go this week. X

  12. Nice to see you ready for the Welsh winter. I'm not a tv person but I love my radio.

  13. The quilt is beautiful, such a great size too. You're all ready for the winter months with that reading, watching and listening. I think I must be the only person who's never watched Gavin and Stacey.

  14. Nice to see your ready for come what may..................

  15. It's a wonderful quilt Pam such a kind hearted gift to make x

  16. Your quilt looks fantastic!!! I am sure that you will really enjoy snuggling under that over the winter with one of your selection of books to read and a film to watch, what could be better! xx

  17. I'm here reading snuggled under my quilt X That is one fab C*******S present! I wanted to knit tonight but my eyes are tired and I stumbled into blogland!!

  18. Beautiful quilt Pam, I'm sure they'll love it. Have you tried Trisha Ashley and De Anne Black, I've managed to get good bargains on both from kindle 99p a book. They're brilliant. I also got the complete set of Jam and Jerusalem from eBay, I love the actresses involved, Mr B quite enjoys watching them too. When looking through an old box at home I found the complete set of Berkley Square a series from years ago about a group of nannys in the 1800's. So looking forward to watching that this winter.

    Take care

    Peg xx

  19. What a fabulous quilt that is. So colourful. You have plenty to keep you amused on the dark days of winter I see, you won't get bored that's for sure.


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