Monday 26 October 2015

Whir, bzzz, clunk.

That was the sound of another body part suddenly seizing up. I have been busy, crochet and sewing and then a trip to Cardigan to deliver the play tent. A Big Success. Junior and Kaitlyn were soon armed with cushions, quilts and books and settled down for the long haul, the question as to sleeping possibilities was raised.

I have 2 more colours to add to the granny pile,

3 more of the lilac, it is a bit pinker in real life, needed I will do those later.

I have been sewing up a storm, these charms have been segregated into warm and cool, I need around 300 of each.

I have started to sew into pairs, then they will become 4 patches and so on.

I have 50. only another 250 to go. They are destined to become quilts for 2 sisters, they need to be similar but not identical. The main difference will be the binding and backing, I hope that will be enough to escape any sibling rivalry. The girls may be adults but grown up they are not.

This single quilt top will be on the frame later, I had hoped to do it today, fingers crossed for tomorrow. It will be a fast job as it is only 50" by 72".

This top you have seen before, it now has a wide border, bringing it to 84" by 96", it too will hopefully be basted before the week is out. I will pin baste on the frame and as it is Beast #2 I will quilt it on the Horn cabinet.

My shoulder and neck flare up went as fast as it came, that heated shawl thingy is fabulous, but my driving on Saturday left me with a full on Sciatica flare up that evening.
Real tears were shed, in copious amounts, I began to worry about the risk of flooding.
My heavy duty meds were duly choked down, I hate taking pills, and as usual I was comatose within an hour. I slept like the dead for 12 hours and took a less powerful version on Sunday, more tears but not as many and for less time. Today I am just taking Ibuprofen 400 mg and keeping my (metaphorical) fingers crossed that they will suffice.
 I am so pleased that I record Strictly, I am rooting for Carol but I fear she will not last the course. One or two of the "Non Dancers" are very very talented, almost beyond a professional level.
I managed to watch The Doctor, also recorded, now it may be that my drug fuelled mind was as fault but I found it pedestrian and very weak. I am not a Peter Capaldi fan but was quite getting used to him being different to the last few, dare I say Dishy Doctors. Now I am back on the fence again.

I am off to count charm squares, I am so thankful that a while ago I was driven to cut through a chunk of the stash. Most of which was converted to charms.

                TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. Sorry to hear you are suffering. Hope the discomfort eases.

  2. Sending you a virtual massage my friend X hope you are fully fit SOON!

  3. About to type the same thing but Leisha got there first! I hope that the meds and heat shawl thingy help. I have been sleeping awkwardly and my lower back has been complaining but difficult to alter your sleeping shape when you are, um, asleep!

    Sounds like you are doing amazingly with the quilts. Wish I had your energy as I need to crack on with the two W.I.P.s from last YEAR!

  4. Hope you're feeling better and off the meds soon, I have some I have to cut in half and then half again so I know what you mean about them knocking you out.

  5. Sorry to hear you've been in so much pain Pam. I can't believe you're still crafting x

  6. Hope the pain eases soon. My husband is also a Dr fan and he thought Saturdays episode was "pants", hehe.

  7. Hope you're feeling better now. Listen to your body.
    I don't like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. My favorite is David Tennant. But as old as I am I remember the doctors when the sets looked like cardboard and the special effects were sparklers and flashing lights.

  8. Hope you are felling better pam , I have to revert to tramadol when things flare up , It does work but like you it makes you very sleepy , Love the pathwork its all so beautiful , Just wish i had the patience, Take care xxx

  9. So sorry to hear that you are in such pain. I do hope that the pills do their thing and get it sorted out, not fun at all. Take care of yourself. Beautiful things that you are making through the pain - amazing! xx

  10. bless you, hope you feel better quickly!

  11. Thank you one and all for your comments, I love to read them all. I am being very wary in what I do and for how long at a stretch. I hate the days when I can do nothing but hey, they pass and then I am off again. I can not give in to the pain, it is short-lived and can be controlled, I use the bad days to plan my projects and surf my round the world.


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