Saturday 17 October 2015

Cake, Cake, glorious cake.

My day started well and then quickly went belly up. I woke to clear skies and pale sunlight, whizzed through the shower, had muesli and took Ben out, we were back by 9.00. I had to be on the ball as Maggie needed to go to the P.O., I picked her up on the dot of 10.00. She stood in a queue for 20 minutes, only to be told that she could not do the banking transaction there.
Off we went to Pontardawe, along with most of the valley population. The road was clogged with traffic, and there were very few parking spaces to be had.
Banking done Maggie needed to pop into Lidl for a few items, and yes, it too was heaving. 

Shopping done we were in the car and on the way home when just outside the town we came across a Police officer putting out a Road Closed Accident sign. The road would not be open for at least an hour and probably 2.
Not to worry, we turned around and came home by the scenic route via the little villages and Ystalafera.
Our 10 minute trip had turned into a mini adventure of 90 minutes. The village was very quiet for 2 hours till the road opened again.

My plans had gone out the window so to soothe my soul I baked.

I had already made the base mix for dinners Fish cakes, that is on the recipe blog.
I had recently found a couple of new blogs to follow and on one of them saw a recipe for whole orange cake. I will share it next time I bake as I want to add some more flavour.

Here they are, 40 minutes in the mini oven they made the whole house smell of warm orange as they cooked and then cooled.

As soon as the orange cakes came out 2 of Mum's Apple cakes went in, these had mixed spice and a handful of mixed dried fruit added.

After dinner my guests washed up while I sat and crocheted granny squares, I have made a start on the 5th colour. 
We were all quite full so no pudding was needed, lucky as I had not planned one.
After an  hour the kettle went on for tea and an orange cake was broached, the texture was lovely but I felt that it was not orangey enough. I will add extra zest next time I make it.

I have to get a wriggle on now and get myself off to Cardigan.

          TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. I used to love apple cake, I can almost smell it now! I will have to find a gluten free version. One of our main roads is closing in the evenings for a couple of weeks, it going to cause chaos!

    1. I am pretty sure that there will be a gluten free version, perhaps ground almonds and cocoa for an indulgent slice.

  2. I love fruit in cake, but there's only me, so I darent bake! I'm fat enough!!

    1. So am I but I slice my cakes, wrap and freeze, that way I can not just dip in when the fancy takes me.

  3. Oh what a day you had Pam!

    I make whole orange cake and it is delicious. Did you whiz together the whole orange? Otherwise if the orange was small, you might need to add two. There are varying recipes to make this cake. I use olive oil instead of butter in my recipe :)

    I love apple cakes too...Yum!


    1. I did whizz the whole fruit and the texture of the cake is wonderful, it may be down to the variety so I will add the zest of a second orange next time. I used Rapeseed oil, it is "healthier" than Olive and not so strongly flavoured

  4. The orange cakes look delicious, but it is the apple cake with dried fruit that is my weakness. I could easily sit and eat a whole cake so I have to be quite disciplined when I make cakes.

  5. Great minds think alike as I baked today as well

  6. Good job you had an alternate route home and didn't get stuck in a traffic jam for hours with that road closed. Your cakes look delicious. I have a lemon waiting to be made into a Lemon Delicious cake later this week. I love apple cake and have a couple of scrumptious recipes including a blackberry and apple loaf cake that I've previously posted on my blog.


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