Saturday 10 December 2016

A Bright Grey Day

Yes, that is a contradiction. The weather is grey and the mountain is cloaked with mist, bare branches lean out like skeletal fingers grasping for warmth and light. Even the traffic sounds are muted, and all I hear is Pick of the Pops on the radio.

It is also a bright day, a man with a van came to the door this morning. He was carrying a box emblazoned with the name Fortnum and Masons, ooh posh.
Fran had warned me that it was arriving today, and although I had to open it and put the contents in the fridge it was for Christmas.
A lovely blue and cream jar containing 500 g of Stilton Cheese, this is the third year that she has done this.
I can assure you that a long handled teaspoon is essential to get the last scraping of cheese out.

The other bright light in my day is, all the chores are done, no shopping/ironing/cleaning to do. That means that my new cast on socks are progressing well, one is at the heel flap point and the other is well on the way to the same point.

Then of course there will be Strictly, the semi final with two dances from each couple.

BTW did anyone else see Craig on 8 out of 10 cats the other night? He was way off acceptable in his comments about Game of Thrones.

I made vegetable soup for lunch and it was just the job on such a day. Another spot of brightness.
There is a Lamb Tagine in the fridge for dinner, no work involved just heat and eat.

A really bright day for me, and now I have to persuade Ben that he really does want to go for a walk.

                    TTFN                                                   Pam


  1. Yes I saw him and thought what a total idiot he was to say what he did, especially since he probably just said it as a joke. Bet he's not laughing now, with all the backlash he's had. What a lovely idea of Fran's, and you get a lovely jar to keep as well as enjoying the contents.

  2. So nice to read that today is a bright day for you.

  3. I hung up all my decos and Christmas lights today so we are now much, much brighter than this grey day. I am making a tweed coat and every time I try it on my dog thinks it's walkies. I, on the other hand don't fancy it much. That cheese sounds yummy.

  4. It's been a grey day in London too Pam, I keep hoping the sun will shine but it doesn't. Stilton Cheese what a treat, perfect for Christmas. Jane xx


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