Monday 5 December 2016

Ding Dong Merrily.....

and all that jazz.

I had a moment of utter madness this morning. Once Ben had been walked and fed and my porridge had been eaten, I didn't lick the dish out but it was a close run thing, I just love the tang from the marmalade.
I went scuba diving under the spare bed and hauled IT and THEM out.

That was the tree and the decs.

Yep, the tree is up and trimmed. I stuck to gold and red this year. As Fran was not here it is much more restrained than usual with a bonus box of excess trimmings that will be in the CS tomorrow.

I did have help, no shimmying up stepladders for me. The bunting is up and all the old favourite figures are present and correct. I am not putting anything up in the dining room this year, this meant that a few of the older and tattier things have gone into the bin.

On to another thing before I forget. I will not be using the rest of the awful sock yarn for heels and toes. I bit the bullet and knitted it up into a hat, I have taken a photo and will attempt to get it in for tomorrow.
Even knitting from the other end it was horrible but I soothed myself by casting on a sock. Glorious bright coloured wool from the West Yorkshire Spinners, I have a plain colour for heels and toes. I have taken photos and will be trying to load them later.

I am off to the surgery in a little while, my ears are playing me up something shocking again. I don't mind having to turn the TV up but can not hear anyone on the phone.

I did my Christmas shop for the local food bank in Ammanford on Saturday. This year I filled a trolley with toiletries and then topped it off with a stack of chocolate selection boxes.
I was told this morning that a new one is opening in Gwaun Cae Gurwen, the next village to us, I will be giving them a call tomorrow to see what they need. Much nicer to keep it close to home. These were mining villages and of course the pits closed and the jobs evaporated.

On that note I better love you and leave you and get my body down to the surgery.

                       TTFN                                            Pam


  1. Perhaps you need your ears syringed? Hope it's nothing more serious. The toiletries and chocolates were a great idea, they'll be really appreciated, I'm sure. Pity about that yarn, it's so annoying when you've bought what you initially think is some lovely yarn, only to find it's horrible to work with, or the colour's not right, or something. I recently bought 6 balls of a beautiful graduated colour yarn in several shades of pinks/lilacs/purples, it's a premium acrylic but feels like a lovely soft cotton. I thought it would be a pleasure to work with, and initially it was, but oh boy there are a lot of knots and joins in blooming annoying!

  2. Sorry about your ear trouble. I do hope they sort it out for you-x-

  3. Hope all goes well at the Doctors and that you can hear again soon. So sad that food banks are increasing, the need for them is so great.

  4. No decs up here yet, hope you get your ears sorted, annoying when you cant hear properly

  5. Glad you got your tree up. I love red and gold at Christmas. Hope you get the ear problem fixed. That can drive you crazy. I know from experience.

  6. Sorry about your hearing problem. Hopefully they can get everything sorted out for you.

    God bless.

  7. Always very satisfying getting the tree up, glad you had help.

  8. I though that you were going to the SUGARY instead ???

  9. I like honey on my porridge and I resist licking the dish too, good for you getting the decs up already I usually leave it till the last minute but it looks as if I won't have to bother this year. Thank you for leaving such lovely comments on my blog. :) xx

  10. I've never had marmalade in my porridge. Might give it a try. The wool I'm knitting Miss 22's hat in is FOUL HIDEOUS STUFF that looks gorgeous. I've about 20 rounds to go. This hat has been k it with much love and swear words!

  11. I definitely have hearing problems and it is getting much worse. I have been to get them checked, I need aides but have not got them yet. Glad you got decorated for Christmas, it is a relief to have it done isn't it?


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