Saturday 3 December 2016

Ding Dong, The Socks Are Done.

Which old socks? The rotten old graduated pair, I had to grit my teeth and put my Big Girl Knickers on. I kid you not, even when decreasing for the toe, on the second sock, I could have launched it across the room.
I have 80 g of the yarn left, following a tip from a podcast I have rewound this. I will use it in a scrappy pair and knitting from the other direction may sort out the issue.  Even if it does I will not be buying any more. There are so many yarns out there to try that I have no intentions of putting myself through the wringer again.

I went into Ammanford yesterday, I had to have a new radio put in the car and I was halfway there. It was surprisingly quiet for market day, although it was almost 2 when I got there and the market is very tiny.

I had a look round but did not find anything to tempt money out of my purse. The fruit and veg stall had Nadine potatoes, my favourites, but on close inspection they were frost damaged.

I met up with friends and we had a chat over a coffee before going our separate ways. I had a look in Peacocks, dire offerings, I was taken aback later in the evening to see a glitzy advert on the telly. None of that was in the store in town, perhaps it was down to clever lighting and camera work.

The only things in the clothing line that I need to buy are some long sleeved tee shirts. Mine are ready for the rag bag. I will get another 2 pairs of thermal tights next time Lidl have them in, they are excellent quality and a good fit. I like to have a couple of pairs in reserve, Fran has benefitted from them once or twice.

I still have socks on my knitting list but my next cast on will be a chunky cardigan for me. I will have a pair of vanilla socks for telly watching and Knit and Natter, I like a small project that does not swamp me.

I bought the yarn from Debs wool shop to make a shawl, then I found the cardigan pattern in my folder and the shawl was out the window. I remember buying this, and the yarn to make it, ages ago at a Knit and Natter but want to use the new yarn. 

My trip to town made me quite tired and when I woke up  from a doze, at 9 last night, I threw the towel in and went off to bed.
I slept straight through to almost 6 this morning and feel better for it.
I can have a lazy day once the basic housework is done, there is no washing and ironing at all. It will not take me long to walk (I nearly put run) the hoover round and swish a duster here and there. The bathroom and kitchen don't need much and the hall stairs and landing where done yesterday.
I may have to tidy the sewing station, I can not see the sewing machine for packs of wool that I have been looking at. Tut Tut.
Tidy as you go was my mantra for so long , then I retired and fell into that trap. The longer time that you have to do something, the longer time it will take.

I need to pull my socks up in that respect and get back into the old habit. Don't put it Down, put it Away.

Well that told me, and now I am off to shower and get dressed. Then after porridge with marmalade I will be walking Ben.

Have a good weekend and I hope that you all get some "Me time".

                     TTFN                                              Pam


  1. Well done for finishing the socks, there is nothing worse than having to finish a project that you are not enjoying. Take care.

  2. That first paragraph made me smile...then I enjoyed the whole post. It's a big help to go ahead and put things away, but it sure is easy to just lay it down somewhere. :)

  3. I had some fabric a bit like your wool....terrible to both cut and sew from Hobbycraft. Won't be buying fabric from there again.
    Our Peacocks was diabolical too when I went to buy a stash of clothes for Marlowe. I wanted things ready for when she starts crawling like little leggings and tops and all they seemed to have was nightwear and underwear, One style of dress and one skirt/t shirt combo so A**a got my business for that particular purchase.
    Ha, how you told yourself off-x-

  4. "Don't put it down, put it away" - well, you have taken me back YEARS to a dear Yorkshire friend of mine who said her mother (or was it her gran?) always said that and I find myself telling myself the same thing if I just "put something there for a minute" . . .

    Glad the abominable socks have been finished. Enjoy your new knitting. The most I've done in that line recently was to put my sock needles all in a faded old tin I got for £1 last week and is exactly the right size for them, and to blow the dust off two single socks I had been working on some years back which got abandoned when I reached the heel, and as my brain was scrambled from being on a-b's and steroids at the time, I thought I would get back to them later. Of course, now I remember even LESS of how to turn a heel!!

  5. I TRY to clean as I go also, but, am not always successful. I have three granddaughters that are with me almost continually (ages 12, 11, and 9) and I am trying to teach them that motto tool. I am definitely not successful with the younger two!
    Myra from Winnipeg, Canada.

  6. It sounds like you had an great day. I picked up my 91 yr old mom and took her to a new agey shop that sells incense because she loves the smell of it in her room. She got some Cedar and Vanilla, picked up two gifts for the grandchildren and then we had a nice lunch. She was craving oatmeal and she got that while I had a BLT without lettuce and added avocado. We drove up to our favorite Trader Joes (the chain is owned now by Theo Aldi) and she rested while I got some small things for her and some Stilton with Cranberries for me. It must be a best seller because there were only 2 wedges left, and 5 wedges of the Stilton with Apricots which I don't like. Then I took her home, did some things there, and came home to find my dogs in their crate with the Discovery channel on. My son was at Costco with his friend and my husband had 2 emergency lock jobs at LAX. So the dogs and I are watching tv together.
    Have a great week! It was so cold this morning, I even put on socks. 😎

  7. Phew, this post wore me out reading it, lol
    send me some of your energy please, I am getting slower and slower haha


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