Wednesday 14 December 2016

.....And Custard Pork Pies.

Well that is what I heard the radio announcer say as I drove into Pontardawe this afternoon. My companion assure me the what she really said was " Christmas jumpers and Christmas Faux Pas ". She does have a very light voice and a good Welsh accent and of course my ears are still blocked!!

I had a phone call late yesterday afternoon to tell me that the receptionist who booked my syringing appointment, not only booked the wrong surgery but a nurse who is not trained to do the procedure. I do have another for tomorrow morning, right place, right nurse.

I watched the Royal Variety show on telly last night, and rather than knit the heels on socks I carried on with the hat and finished it. That is 3 in the box now and I will be casting on another ready for next week.

I am dithering over my Christmas Eve cast on, most people in knitting blog and podcast land cast on socks. I have knitted lots of those and fancy a garment, it is just a case of what.
If all else fails I can always see if my crochet mojo is still breathing. I haven't touched a hook for many weeks, except to rescue a dropped stitch.

It has been a lovely sunny day here, Ben has had 3 leisurely walks and is now snoring, I just ambled along basking in the sun.

Ooh, I have just had a cuppa delivered to my side, and there may just be a spiced ginger biscuit to go with it.

                            TTFN                                         Pam


  1. I could just go a nice spiced ginger biscuit...sadly the biscuit tin is bare.

  2. I heard someone on a programme with Sandi Toksvig tell her about 'the room with Belly Pork decorations' - and only later realsiued she had said 'Belle Epoque". I emailed this in - and the following week ST read this out. My friend was driving his two daughters somewhere in the car, and had a wobbly moment when both girls screamed with delight to hear my name and our little village mentioned on Radio 4. I could just fancy a ginger biscuit right now...

    1. I don't usually mishear, but this had me laughing for several minutes.

  3. I think my Christmas Eve cast on will be a cowl or infinity scarf. I can never have too many of those.

    God bless.

    1. There will be a pair of socks, but definitely a garment, for me.

    2. There will be a pair of socks, but definitely a garment, for me.

  4. Sorry to hear your ears are still playing up Pam. I hope they get sorted today.


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