Thursday 1 December 2016

And Play, And Play

I did very little on Wednesday except knit, the blue Aran hat was cast on and off, it took around 80 g of yarn and was a relaxing project. I will make a scarf next as there is a large amount of that yarn, it was bought for a project that never happened.

I cast on a sock in West Yorkshire Spinners  Fusions, an Aran weight 75% wool 25% nylon. A graduated yarn that is a bit variable in thickness through the ball. I had 2 x 100 g balls and expect about 60 g to be left. That will become something or other, maybe heels and toes in a plain colour pair.
I am about 15 rounds from the toe and will have that done this evening. I want to get the second cast on and finished, I am not enjoying the yarn at all. I am so pleased that I only bought the 2 balls and that it was a clearance offer from somewhere or other.

Dinner was very good, even though I was a bit heavy handed with the smoked paprika. Apart from the spices, a tin of tomatoes and one of chick peas it was all fridge bottom veg.

I have no idea what tonight's offering will be other than it will be egg based.

I need milk and a top up of fruit and veg before the weekend, as Thursday is usually a quiet day in Pontardawe I will do that this afternoon. I have bread in the freezer, I sliced it up so just take out what I need, it cuts out any waste.

There was a very sharp frost this morning, Ben loves this cold and dry weather, he  prances round me in his eagerness to get out and then wants to walk to Ceredigion. I have to watch that we do not go too far otherwise I would be carrying him home.

Washing out on the whirlything, not that there is enough wind to stir it round but it is in the full sunshine.

I did the ironing this morning, it was a step too far for yesterday, and it is ready to be put away.

That is me up to date so I am off to catch up on my reading list.

                               TTFN                                          Pam


  1. We had a beautiful heavy frost here this morning, with lovely bright sunshine. Sadly, that's now disappeared and been replaced with thick fog!

  2. Sounds fab - I love these crisper days, although I don't think my laundry will dry today out in this cold air. It feels like winter has come all at once now after last week's rain. Nice to be indoors making, hope you're feeling as well as you sound.

  3. Dinner today is soup prepared before we went away with cheese scones also from the freezer. I am hoping to take things easy today and get started on the Christmas d├ęcor tomorrow.

  4. Gosh you are getting a lot of knitting done! Hope you are enjoying it.

  5. You are certainly getting those knitting projects completed.

    God bless.

  6. YOu are getting so much done!

  7. I love the cold frosty dry mornings, wrapped up warm and dry.


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