Wednesday 21 December 2016

I made my List

And I checked it twice. Then only bought what was both naughty and nice.
Really I did, but didn't spend much. Fresh cream, extra thick, only one pot as I prefer custard and so does Fran. From the reduced section I got some local Blue Cheese and a pack of smoked salmon. The cheese has a week left before the use by and the salmon is portioned up and in the freezer. I did pick up a pack of cream cheese for salmon and cheese sandwiches, this is in date till the middle of January so will be used.
I have company all this week for dinner and happily bought 2 ready made trifles, no shame here, it would have cost more to make them from scratch and I would have made them bigger.

No More Shopping till the 27th when I collect Fran, and that will be minimal.

My knitting has been keeping me sane, the only walking that I can do is on the flat and s l o w. 
I did slip to the bakery yesterday, to get lunch for Chrissie and me, and scuttled across the very busy road on the way back to the shop. I moved too fast and had a breathless few minutes.

I have made 3 hats for my charity box,

2 plain k2 p2 rib and one Big Rib Hat.

The Christmas socks were a request and I used what I had in stash. The cuff, heels and toes are in WYS dk wool and nylon blend. The rest of the sock is in an acrylic and polyester blend. This is King Cole Glitz and is most certainly not a sock yarn, the reds do not match but the recipient chose the colours. I will make sure to have some seasonal sock yarn ready for next year.

I bough a sweaters worth of this new Glamour yarn from Debs wool shop I just loved the copper metallic strand.

What I didn't love was having to cut 5 lumpy sections out of the first ball. They will be getting an email from me expressing my annoyance. It is a relatively cheap acrylic yarn but I don't think that amount of faults is acceptable, I had already found 2 joining knots..

This is an experiment, I have cast on 158 stitches and am knitting in the round. I will divide at the armholes to knit front and back, do a 3 needle bind off to join them and then pick up the sleeve stitches and knit in the round. I want this to be a long comfy sweater to loll about in, almost a Weasley jumper, just without my initial.

This is my gift to me, a small set of Chiaogoo interchangeable circulars.

It came complete with the 3mm tips that are not included normally and goes up to a 5mm. I use a 6mm for some patterns so will be buying a set of tips and probably some extra cables for large projects.

I had a sock cuff on a 9" circular and quickly transferred that onto my 2.75mm tips on the long cable. I can honestly say that this is the best that I have knit with. The cable has no memory and stays straight, no curls or kinks. Sheer Bliss.

This is the beginning of a few pairs of bed socks, I have a few balls of this yarn floating about. It is very thick and as the recipient suffers from icy cold feet should be just the ticket.

Last but not least is my latest sock yarn acquisition, I have some Head over Heels, bought for a future project, but wanted to try it out on socks. So while at the shop yesterday picked out these two balls, I am not sure about the long runs of colour, I do like a self patterning yarn, but have a request for some more socks. I will keep you posted, but these will not be cast on for a couple of weeks.

That is me all caught up, it has been hammering down but the sun is now out so I am going to scoop Ben up and take him out.

                  TTFN                                                        Pam


  1. You put smoked salmon in a freezer !
    Why on earth did you do that, don't you realise that products are smoked to give them a long shelf life all you needed to do was pop it in the fridge.

    1. It was close to date and I am not sure exactly when I will be using it. Of course I know the principles of smoking, had it been hot smoked I would have put it straight into the fridge.

  2. My you are knitting up a storm, I am struggling with knitting at the moment 2 rows and my hands are painfull, I have just ordered some compression gloves to see if it helps

    1. sorry to hear about your hands, I have seen other bloggers using those gloves. Fingers crossed that they help.

  3. I'm in awe of your knitting, I'm so slow it's almost painful!

    1. I have some things that I am very slow with, it would be too boring to drag them out for the blog monthly just to show a few rows progress. I knit for pleasure, I will never win a race.

  4. Love the Christmas socks! Have fun knitting! I'm leaving the Dr Who marathon for the wilds of Las Vegas. It's our 31st anniversary. Wow. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. I love my interchangeable knit pro circular needles for the same reason - no kinky goings on!!!

  6. Knitting my first ever pair of socks with the bluer of your new yarns at the moment, the colour changes give the effect of a self striping yarn - which I guess is what it is! - I like the stripes so I hope you will too. Happy Christmas!

  7. I love those Christmas socks-x-

  8. Merry Christmas Pam. Enjoy your holiday with friends and family.


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