Wednesday, 7 December 2016

SH ............

Socks and Hat that is.

I don't know what happened yesterday, I was up in good time. Ben was walked at the usual time, washing done, chores done and so on. I did not leave very early for knit and natter and I was not late back.

Dinner was a very easy short cut version of Baked Beans and Bacon, 20 minutes to get it started and into the mini oven to simmer away for an hour.

It was not until I got into bed that I realised that no photos had been down/uploaded and no blog written.
I had plenty of time and did nothing out of the ordinary, the rest of the day just slithered away from me.

Perhaps that was a good thing because I loaded the photos and got them on here in seconds, I just hope that I can remember how next time.

These are the socks knitted in the truly awful yarn.

The Ditto hat that took most of the remaining yarn.

I just love the flower pattern made by the decreasing on the crown.
I will be using this pattern again, for myself.

My glorious technicolour sock yarn.

I decided that it needed calming down a little so will do heels and toes in this blue.

Tah Dah.
I have been very busy this morning but will be casting on the second sock soon, very soon.

I have another hat started, just a k2 p2 rib hat on a 16" circular, I found a ball of Aran Tweed which should make 2 hats. These will go towards my project for next year. They are the ideal project for knit and natter, travelling as a passenger and decent telly watching, no counting rows at all. Just knit 21-23 cm and do the decreasing.

Of course I forgot to take a photo, I will when it is finished. I found a simple mitten pattern and printed that off for when I need a break from hats. I have a stash of yarn, both DK and Aran so am all set.

I had a good afternoon in Deb's wool shop, there were about a dozen of us (and TWO packets of lush choccy biscuits) I was surprised to see that I had knitted 9 cm of hat, almost half way.
We chatted about a myriad of things, ranging from the new £5 notes containing tallow, to David Attenborough and Ben Fogle. Of course there was new yarn to look at, well the colour charts as it doesn't arrive till later in the week

B U T the most exciting thing was A New baby. One of our group had a C Section, during the early afternoon, and was delivered of a bouncing baby girl. I have it on good authority that as soon as possible little Sophie will be  regular attendee on Tuesdays. Note to self, wear soft and machine washable tops on Tuesdays. 

I think that is all for today, I need to get the washing in from the garden and get that sock cast on.

One last thing, a bit of  confession, I spent a fair bit of time yesterday evening listen to Heart extra Christmas radio. Yes Christmas music all the way, I was lucky in that it was all "my era" and before. I may never tune in again but it was lovely.

                        TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. I am loving that knitted cap. I live in Alberta, I'm sure the postage wouldn't be TOO much!

  2. The hat has gone to it's new owner, it only weighs 60g so postage would be minimal. I am going to act in the spirit of the season and offer to knit another and send it off to you. If you would like one just let me know what colour and your address I will not publish it.

  3. I must admit to been a little taken back by the use of tallow in £5 notes.

    1. When you consider the number of people whose religion forbids them from animal products and beef in particular, plus the growing number of vegans I find it strange. It also raises the question of exactly what products are hidden in everyday objects.

  4. I love listening to Christmas music . . . nothing to be embarrassed about.
    Your socks are wonderful. I love the cheery colors; I never had a pair of hand knit socks, they must be so warm.

    1. I am not really embarrassed but am also not a "Christmas" person. My tree and decorations usually go up around the 18th and are down before New Year. I do watch Elf at least twice over the period though.

  5. You may have hated that wool but the socks are fabulous!
    What is the name of the wool shop and is it in Llandeilo? We are buying a house in Cwmgors at the moment and I've been longing to go to a knit and natter (especially after the move as would be nice to meet new people) but I have a little baby and have been worried that it wouldn't be possible to bring her..

    1. It is Deb's wool shop and is on the main street in Llandeilo quite close to the Post Office. There is a face book page that you can checkout, I look forward to seeing you and the baby on Tuesday afternoons.

  6. Your socks and hat look great! I do like the sock with the blue contrast, it works very well with the yarn you've chosen xx

  7. I've had the Heart extra Christmas channel on the car radio for the last 2 weeks - I think it's great and makes a change for a few short weeks xx

  8. Your hat may have been a nightmare to knit but it looks gorgeous, I love the colour combinations. As you say the petal effect on the crown is very pretty.

  9. I've just finished a pr of socks that look similar to your first ones, they look itchy but aren't the yarn is quite soft. I like to use a different colour for toe and heel with self patterning yarn. Yesterday flew away from me too, up early but bedtime seemed to come around the corner like superman and not even half the things on my list completed! 😊

  10. Your kind offer warmed me more than any cap could,thank you.I can not accept the offer,it's just too much. Thank you again.

  11. The socks and hat are wonderful Pam. News of a new baby is just terrific, hope Mum and baby are doing well.


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