Friday 23 December 2016

What did you say?

I was getting ready to walk into the village and asked if there was anything that anyone wanted form the shop.

More olives and a square duck!    WHAT?

What he actually said was some more Dandelion and Burdock.
I knew that having my ears syringed was a complete waste of time.
I hate the smell of the stuff and luckily the local shop doesn't stock it.

I didn't want anything from the shop but my extra guest Rufus is a young dog and needs much longer walks than Ben. What I call "the CK loop walk" is just over a mile and is all on the flat. We didn't hurry as Rufus is happy to have a good sniff at every opportunity.

He has an Ezydog harness and I had to look up how to fasten it, when he came this morning I just whipped it off him without looking. Klutz.

I have changed my mind about my Christmas Eve cast on, still socks for me but I printed off the Mercury sock pattern, free on Ravelry. I have seen this all over the knitting blogs and podcasts and I am going to jump on the bandwagon. I quite fancy a lacy pair of socks ready for the summer.

It started off grey and rainy this morning, the rain has stopped but the wind is picking up and is quite gusty. At least it is not cold, I wore my full length waterproof and was glowing by the time I got back.

I still have that small basket of ironing so will be starting that in a few minutes, then I will be doing a few rounds on the WW11 sock, I had considered knitting 2 at a time but the first one was already past the rib so just carried on.

I spotted a book on a podcast recently, Sock Architecture, I may have a trawl round in the new year and look at a few books. I quite like the idea of mixing different heel and toe constructions and generally playing with various patterns. 

Of course I may just scuttle round Ravelry and print off a stack of patterns, free of course, and play with those.

I am off now to get that ironing done so I can settle with my knitting.

                          TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. You must have a drawerful of lovely socks by now! Take it easy with Rufus and Ben, don't let them wear you out lol.

    1. I have lost count of how many pairs that I have made but only 1 pair was for me. The next few will be mine though, I have some lovely wool stashed away and want to knit it up.

  2. I love Dandelion and Burdock. Don't drink it very often though.
    I think I am coming to where you live if it's not cold. It's absolutely freezing here.
    Enjoy your knitting-x-

    1. I don't drink much fizzy, just the odd ginger beer. I do have some fancy spark;ling drinks for the Christmas period though.

  3. Enjoy your Christmas knitting. I am still in the Doing All The Jobs stage of Christmas and rarely get any time to myself until Boxing Day. As we have a big Fleamarket the following day we shall be packing the car for that.

    Have a lovely Christmas and I hope you can get your ears sorted out soon. Square duck indeed!!! : D


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