Monday 12 December 2016

We, Wet, Wetter

No not the weather, all the people who find it necessary to comment on the clothes that out Prime Minister wears. She is hardly a clothes horse, that stoop will fast turn into a widows hump if she ignores it.
I do not care how much she spends on her clothes. 
What I do care is that she represents our country worldwide and I do not want to see her dressed by Zara, H&M or Primark.
The fact that a member of her staff chose to attack her personally in public incenses me. I had a similar situation when I was a pub landlady and the person in question was taken aside, paid up to the end of shift and asked to leave and never come back.

You Never Ever Bite the Hand That Feeds You. 

Now to Strictly, I expected this to happen. Three weeks ago it was quite obvious who would go and in what sequence. Of course the public could have changed this and thrown out the three couples who are left. But I like to think that common sense prevailed. It has been such a close run contest this year. It is anybodies guess who will win, The three celebs all have such talent and such marvelous partners. 

Just look at Louise, wouldn't say boo to a goose at the beginning, now she would grab the goose and turn it into dinner in the blink of an eye.
Ore has cried his way to becoming a wonderful dancer and showman.
Danny was a whizz from the very first dance, brimming over with style and confidence, perhaps just a tad too much.

I have no idea at all who will be triumphant but will be glued to the telly to find out.

I have noticed a dramatic change in Craig's demeanor the last two weeks, but was shocked when Len stood and verbally challenged him this week. I am beginning to wonder just who will be on the judges panel next year.

Now I am settled on the sofa and ready to knit BUT I need to empty the freezers and rearrange the contents. I know what is in them, just not which one and where about.

Perhaps just a few rows first.....

                     TTFN                                               Pam


  1. I agree Pam, people should not bite the hand what feeds.
    I love Strictly, I would love Louise to win but I think another will probably win, I suppose it depends all on next weeks performance.
    I like all the judges on strictly, I know Craig is picky but he is there to judge and they should value his opinion, Len irritates me sometimes, he can be rather cocky.

  2. I like Theresa May and trust her to do the 'right' thing by us. As for her dress sense I don't particularly like the two toned coats that she wears, but everyone to their own. I certainly wouldn't criticise her for them. With Strictly I don't know who you are talking about as we never watch any of the Strictly's, nor any of the Bake offs or the amateur talent shows like The Voice. I remember people scoffing at the original Come Dancing and talent shows, it just shows what a bit of publicity and bringing up-to-date does for a show. Someone could see a possible fortune being made from them.

    Joan (Wales)

  3. I am hoping for Ore to win, but we will see, I dont vote so will be satisfied with what ever the outcome,

  4. Yes that comment about the PM's clothes was extremely rude wasn't it? I'm glad it was dealt with.
    I've not watched Strictly this time and I just can't be bothered with X Factor any more. I miss Dancing On Ice and wish they would bring it back.
    Thoroughly enjoying my tidy freezers....but how long will they last in that

  5. I thought those leather trousers looked quite nice. I wouldn't mind a pair of them. It's the stoop that is worrying. A good few Pilates classes would help unless the spine is really deformed....which it looks like it might be. I think Dan will win Strictly and Len is leaving this year. He says he is on the cusp of going senile and I'm afraid I agree. Craid looks SCARY when he smiles. He seems to be making an effort to be a bit nicer to the contestants...they are human beings with feelings after all.


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