Friday 9 December 2016

Snap, Crackle and Pop, Ouch

I have had 2 days of popping ears with intermittent stabbing pains, deep joy. Next Wednesday I am having them syringed, more joy.

Fingers crossed that it may solve the issue.

On another joyful note I had a letter from the University Health Board.
This is to let me know that I have been referred to see a Consultant in Cardiology. It also tells me that the current waiting time for an Initial appointment is up to 26 weeks.

I shall not be holding my breath then.

I feel pretty good most days and am being very careful, and I will need to carry on in that way.......for up to 26 weeks.
I can just imagine how devastated some one older and weaker than I would feel.

On  a happier note the multi-coloured socks are off the needles. I have not cast another pair on yet but the yarn and needles are beside me, ready for later. I have almost finished the ribbed hat, well I am almost up to the decrease length.

I nearly succumbed to temptation earlier, I had a little look into Betsy Makes Etsy shop. She has some home dyed yarn that I want want want. B U T I really do not need it and can not justify buying it.
Mind you after 3 more pairs of socks have been knitted it might be a different story.
Ben has had his bath and did his usual "swim" round the floor to dry off. He has 3 bath sheets and 2 bath towels and still manages to get under the coffee table to dry on the carpet. I am so happy that he is small spaniel size and not Labrador or (gulp) Newfoundland.

Roy Wood and Wizard are bouncing on Heart extra Christmas and the Pogues have been playing. I am enjoying these early festivities but hope that I don't fizzle out by the 22nd, like a damp squib.

I just popped in to say hello and enjoy your weekend as much as possible. Now I am off to make tea and decide what I would like to eat. Nothing too much or too soon I think, I had a ciabatta roll for lunch and it filled me to the brim.

                      TTFN                                              Pam


  1. I know all about long waits to see a cardiologist, I waited from February to November to see a cardiologist here. It would appear that after I have my MRI scan I will have to wait a month or more for the results.

    I simply do not know why they did not pick up the other heart problems when I had my pacemaker fitted 18 months ago.How much worse has it got as a result of that?

  2. Wow a 6 month wait is rather a long time. Hope your ears feel better next week xx

  3. I hope your ears get sorted in time for you to enjoy the holidays.

  4. The cold we have had (it lasted a month . . .) had snap, crackle and pop ears and was HORRID. It wasn't a streaming nose sort of cold but a regular blowing one - for weeks! We are still blowing our noses because it was a sinus cold and sinuses must be larger than I thought. I hope you haven't got that on top of your ear-syringing type ears . . .

    Good luck with the knitting. I am so NOT craft-orientated at the moment - if it doesn't involve a paintbrush or a vacuum cleaner then it isn't happening here . . . viewing on the 19th. so it's panic stations.

  5. I had very painful ears and popping prior to having them syringed try putting some olive oil in it softens the wax prior to getting them done. Take care.

  6. What a long wait, I would go mad.

  7. Hope you enjoy the weekend too!

  8. I really feel bad for you. Here in Indiana, I just made an appt. for a heart scan. If I need a mammogram, it can be done as a walk in. I can see a cardiologist in just days. But we dont have the security of health insurance for all and it costs a fortune. Ana USA

  9. Oooh that sounds nasty. I hope the syringing cures it.
    Sorry you have such a long wait for your appointment.
    Just keep taking it easy.


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