Thursday, 15 December 2016

No Popping, Sloshing instead.

The nurse looked my ears, hmm'd and Haa'd, said "there's not much in here" but I'll do it anyway.
5 minutes later there was a tiny little bit of debris and two ears full of water. She said " there will be water bubbles in both, they will pop later, have a tissue"
It is considerably later and the bubbles have not popped and both feel a bit waterlogged.

I have no idea what the final answer will be, both still feel blocked but no noises or pain right now.

I am having a very lazy, and strange(?) dinner tonight. I went into Tesco when I left the surgery and was lucky enough to pick up a few bargains. I did not need much but the sight of  a lovely joint of beef almost half price tempted me. 
I saw a bit of Christmas food telly yesterday and someone was making a coleslaw with red cabbage, fennel and celery with Stilton. It may well have been Nigel Slater. I had everything but the fennel and had planned to have that with some bread for dinner. Then I spotted the Beef and changed my mind.
 The coleslaw minus the Stilton is made and the beef is in the combi oven.
I forgot to tell you that my mini oven died a couple of days ago, I am going to try using the combi oven for a while. More space saved, always a good thing.

I am well on the way to the toe on the first Christmas sock, it will be finished tonight and the second cast on. That's another photo to take. 
Still dithering over my Christmas Eve cast on, I will be casting on a pair of socks but still want to get a garment on the needles.

I will leave it there and go check the oven.

                          TTFN                                           Pam


  1. We are all different, but I definitely had a popping almost as soon as the nurse had finished. Everything was really loud too. Great bargain on the beef.

  2. Hope your ears pop and get better soon Pam.

  3. When I used to have my ears syringed I found tipping my head to one side got rid of some of the water.
    I'm glad you have no pain now-x-


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