Monday 12 February 2018

A Very Happy Elevenses.

It was in this house, I can tell you.

Brilliant sunshine with a touch of frost to start the day, both dogs were excited to have their walk, it was lovely to feel real warmth on my face.

Back home and got the sheets etc pegged out, finished off a little bit of ironing and it was 11:00. Kettle on.

The tea was up to my lips as somebody rattled on the door, I may have muttered something not nice.

A delivery of a small parcel, mmmm, addressed to both of us, double mmmm.

Inside was this.

A little tin no less, very pretty and most certainly All Mine

I opened it up and almost swooned.

There were 12, no, we were not that greedy, I nibbled  on the corner of one and still swooning took 2 straight to W.

Good things have to be shared. It is the law in this house.

We had one each with our rapidly cooling tea and they were very swoon worthy. Very chocolatey, very rich and we decided that it will be half each next time. If I was hosting afternoon  tea I would cut them into 4 or maybe 6 and pop each piece in a sweetie paper case, they are that rich.

Inside was a little gift card, you may notice the chocolatey finger smudge, it was me. I did lick my fingers but I missed a taste, sulky face.

I have shared the card both to show how thoughtful my lovely girl is and also that the rest of you (in the UK) can also have a taste of this utter bliss.
There are some really scrumptious things in the shop and I have my eye on one or two things for some special peeps.
I have so far resisted the urge to google the location, I am afraid that it may be within a comfortable drive. I don't suppose that they sell at the door and I do not fancy being accused of stalking. But it is tempting.

I have just realised that I forgot to photo the knitting, blame the excitement and a chocolate high. Tomorrow.

Now the new ironing calls and then it may be knitting time.

                   TTFN                                         Pam


  1. My DDIL makes chocolate brownies to die for. It's a good job she doesn't make them too often as they are totally irresistible.
    Yours look pretty darn yummy too :)

  2. How thoughtful is that, you are truly blessed. Enjoy.

  3. A great gift to ward off the germs, how lovely and scrumptious.

  4. How lovely and thoughtful, they look scrumptious xx

  5. Hubby did the ironing for me this morning.

  6. Wow those do look scrumptious! What a nice gift!! :)

  7. What a thoughtful girl you have. Enjoy your chocolate.

    God bless.

  8. How weird is this! As I am reading your blog post DH and I are enjoying a slice of peppermint brownie that the sweet little girls are their mom next door gave us for Christmas!! Mmm, so good. Fran is such a good daughter, so thoughtful. Enjoy.

  9. How utterly delicious - they look so, so good!
    J x

  10. They look delicious. What a thoughtful daughter

  11. What a great daughter you have! I just wish my daughter wouldn't listen to me when I say I cannot eat yummy things like least just occasionally! :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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