Sunday 18 February 2018

An almost perfect Sunday

Yes, it rained. This is Wales after all and it was forecast pretty much country wide.

I did get the dogs walked in the nearly dry, even if it was boggy underfoot. None of the dogs that we met were off their leads, far too much mud and slime for that.

I spent a great part of the day knitting away on my shawl, I have passed the half way mark and am still loving it. I do have the next pattern lined up and Francesca will be here on Thursday. That means her Anouk will be cast on.

I have to chose yarn for the next pair of socks as the current pair will be off the needles this week.

Dinner was a small beef roast, extra veg was cooked and there will be bubble and squeak tomorrow, sometimes the leftovers are equal if not better than the first meal.
I have been watching Nigel Slater in Turkey, he cooked a meal of roasted veg with butter beans and green beans. That is my ideal type of cooking, simple and good ingredients cooked without faff.

I do believe that something very similar will be on the menu later this week. 

Food figures large in many blogs, some frugal, some extravagant, some floating around the middle.

The age old ritual of gathering the ingredients and cooking for your family and friends is not only about fuel for the body. It is about pleasure, conversation, sharing ideas and experiences. Building memories of good times and using the pleasure to heal pain. To come in after a hard days work in the cold and wet and small a pan of soup simmering away with some bread toasting is an uplifting moment, I have been there many a time.

I read a comment on a blog recently from someone who did not understand any of this focus on food. Sad.

Any how, I am  off to make a brew and then do a little search for some more information on traditional Turkish recipes.

                    TTFN                                        Pam


  1. Great weather here on the Essex coast sunshine but cold. Rain forecast for 3 days! I hope we miss it.

  2. We sat at a dinner one evening next to a man who said he'd never enjoyed eating- even as a child. He said " I only eat because I want to live". I think he is missing a lot, I agree with you about the sharing and fellowship.

  3. I dried two loads of washing outside in Mid-Essex. Obviously the place to live right now < grin >
    I enjoy NIgel Slater's cooking too. No fuss, just great food.
    J x

  4. I'm surprised we haven't had any rain's certainly looked like it wanted to.

    I need to watch Nigel on catch up as I have missed him on tv.

    I can't imagine anyone not being interested in food. I love to know what my readers are having for their tea and pick up ideas or rediscover old favourites that I haven't made for years.

  5. I agree with you Pam, meal time for me is very is the planning and preparation. It's comfort, it's love, it's yummy! :) I love the smell of roast beef cooking and I have fond memories of my grandma's Yorkshire Pudding to go along with it! I don't eat beef anymore because of my digestion, but a few times a year, I'll make that meal for Alex and I up the cooking juices lol! :)

  6. Meal times here have always been about having conversation and talking about our day. No phone, no TV ... just good old chat with nourishing healthy food.

  7. A couple of beautiful Spring like days here on the Island but now back to rain and sadly the temperatures have dropped. Soup is definitely on the menu for today.

  8. I think you have to bear in mind that a lot of people live alone so mealtimes are not a family occasion and sone people, like me, genuinely have no interest in food, it is a boring chore best dealt with as quickly as possible and as for spending time alone in a kitchen cutting up veg or something when you could be reading a book or outside in the fresh air, no contest. Bread, cheese, salad and an apple, job done. Judith.


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