Friday 16 February 2018

Happy day in Llandeilo

A, I was in The Flying Geese and B, the sun was shining. Then of course there were the lovely shoppers who were happy to talk fabric.

A new quilter came in to get a starter kit together and we had a great time talking about balance of colour and print.

I filled in the empty shop bits with some fabric stroking and the mental shopping list was astronomical. I was not sure whether I was happy or sad that the Liberty fabrics were out at a pop up shop.

I have finished Anouk, no photo yet but I was wearing her today.
I am working on a new shawl for a complete change, I have some drops Merino/cotton blend yarn from Wonderwool last year and it was shouting to be used.

This is a new to me construction method, rather than starting at one point and working across the work starts with a squared off bottom. Then increases are on every R/S row until the work reaches from shoulder down to your desired length. You then work straight across the back and begin decreasing down the other side. This shawl is not designed to be wrapped round the neck, just round the shoulders.

The lace border is very pretty and is only a 6 row repeat, it is taken from a Rita Weiss book, 50 fabulous knitted borders.

I have the usual pair of socks on the needles, I have just completed the heel turn, and there will be another cast on as soon as these are done.

Dinner was a very simple meat balls and beans, neither of us were particularly hungry. Ben was very interested though, normally he completely ignores our meal times.

The SO has a new toy, 2 really, he has a new chainsaw and a new incinerator. The forecast is for sun tomorrow. I predict sawdust and smoke.

I may have to be very, very busy indoors. Once I have been suitably impressed and made all the correct noises.

Not really, we have a small area that was a dumping ground when we moved in. All that we did was push it further back and then fence it in. Now the time has come to raze it to the ground, burn everything wooden and remove any man made rubbish to the recycling centre. That will give us a space of around 10' by 18', I can make better use of that than a midden.

I hope to be out there helping. (and making sure that nothing gets put into a "we'll keep this just in case" pile.) It will be burn or remove to the tip only.

Now it is most certainly time for a brew.

                             TTFN                                        Pam


  1. Lovely shawl, Pam and the colour is so springlike. Hope the weather keeps fine for your gardening tasks. We’re decorating the bedroom which has proved a more challenging task than we thought. Fed up now with it but needs must. Catriona

  2. The lace edging on your shawl is just beautiful Pam and you do use some wonderful yarn colours. That green is just about my favourite shade of green.

  3. That is my most favourite green. I call it Pistachio. Love the border.

  4. Whenever my husband got a new toy, he would insist I come "ooooh, aaaah" over it. I have perfected the "ooooh, aaaah", no other noises would do.

  5. Good luck with clearing the 'midden'! Being hard hearted is the name of the game, isn't it, and will free up a very useful extra bit of space.
    J x

  6. Men and their toys! Mine is just the same...also for keeping things that really need throwing out, I'm the one who likes sorting and clearing! Pretty shawl btw, love the colour.
    Hugs LLJ x

  7. The shawl looks lovely. I'm wearing that green right now so for me a pretty colour and the edging is very attractive. It looks a fun project to do.

  8. The lace edging and the colour is a delight. Stunning!

  9. Very pretty lace edge to the new shawl, I do like the colour of it.


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