Friday 10 January 2014

A Bright Light to end the Day

Well, what a turn around the day became, from driving rain and gloom and doom clouds a glimmer of light appeared on the horizon. My Granny would have said " It's bright over Will,s mothers" a meaningless observation maybe but she meant that it would clear later and she was invariably right.
And boy oh boy did it clear, by mid day the sky was mostly blue and the sunshine was golden, it was still windy but pleasant enough to walk in. By 2 when I took Ben out for his run with Greg it was even better, no hat required.
I was pottering about a bit later and just had to take a few photo,s

As the sun started to set the colours were almost iridescent, my little point and click camera does not do them justice. 

Dinner was very good and very cheap, I found some braising steak in the freezer, RTC £1.58 from £4.58 and pulled an AF Madras Curry kit from the pantry, with a little oil, a small onion and half a red pepper I produced 3 meals like this. I am almost certain that the meal kit cost 20p each (snapped up 20) so 3 dinners for £2.00 or thereabouts. 
I finished off with some fresh pineapple, also RTC and it was sweet and juicy, I had 1/3 of a 50p fruit so my dinner was a bargain.

The other 2 are in the freezer ready for Tuesday, Francesca is coming home by train and will stay until Saturday.

As the sun set I had a quick trip with my camera, 

I have managed to load these in reverse, the bottom one was taken just moments before the top one and you can see how fast the sky was darkening.
I could buy in a better camera but do not have the time to invest in learning photography nor, if I am honest, the interest. Maybe later when I have scratched the quilting itch thoroughly.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. The day is dawning bright and clear.

2. My quilt top is finished and will be layered today.

3. I have a stack of "bonus blocks" that were sewn as leaders and enders.

4. I have had 4 days on my new exercise regime, from Miss Whiplash, and can feel the results already.

5. I have been given a ticket for a Country & Western night next Friday. 

The bonus blocks are a good start on the next quilt, I never leave my machine without fabric under the needle and I hate to waste thread, at over £5 for a reel, so as I sew I chain piece and only have 2 stitches between the fabric pieces.
I will take a photo of the finished quilt, hopefully before the weekend is out, I still have to find a home for it and I may have a word with the Red Cross.

There is a slight drawback to my C&W ticket, the driver has had to drop out so I will be picking up 3 peeps and taking them there and back, they are all friends though so I am assured of a good night out. 

My washing machine is burbling away and will be done by the time Ben has had his first walk of the day, then I will be off to the market to find a cabbage and in to the Co op for my milk, Last of The Big Spenders!

I have read several blogs where the writer has published a list of goals for the year ahead and set targets of so many blog posts, quilts, new recipes,books to read and so on. I sat with paper and pen and could only come up with what I have already said. I want to have as much fun for as little cost as possible and I aim to sew my way through my stash, making at least 4 quilts to donate.
I do not want to feel that I have to sit and finish a project when the sun is shining and I want to be in the garden.I do not want to feel pressured to write a blog post when I have nothing to say because I have had a heavy day hoeing, pruning, weeding or whatever.
I do not want to be regimented and, heaven forbid, boring. Hmm perhaps no probably there are many who have a quick read and think, My goodness what a boring woman, does she do nothing but sew, cook and eat! well not in the winter apart from reading and a bit of TV and lots of dog walking. I don't go Pubbing, Clubbing or Raving, perish the thought. I haven't been to a live music event for ages, I saw all the big names in the 60's and 70's before it cost a second mortgage for a ticket. I saw The Stones in The Park for free, I met the original line up of AC/DC when they were in my then village recording an album. I saw Meat Loaf when he still had a voice. 
Now I would rather listen to music at home, while I sew, cook and eat. Boom Boom.

That's all for now.                   TTFN                              Pam


  1. Hi Pam, wow, just caught your blog almost as you wrote it! I've been quite lax in blog reading lately and a bit slow writing my own - well, stuff happens, doesn't it! I'm the same with new year resolutions - personal 'intentions' work better for me. I'd never keep them anyway. I don't think you are boring at all, you live your life, it is what it is. I don't go clubbing or raving, and the only pubbing I do is to play music!

    1. I love music and had piano lessons as a child, then I learned to swim and turned into a water baby. i don't feel boring or predictable, the only set routine that I have is for Ben.

  2. Everything has a season ... and it's nice when the wild ramblings of youth settles nicely into things that comfort, nourish and are done simply for the joy of being a kind human being. I admire your ability to communicate so eloquently ... and I look forward to your next post. To me, your blog is never boring ... but inspiring and heartwarming.

    1. I am glad you enjoy it, I have blogs that I look at for new posts daily for various reasons.

  3. I am like you I cant make lists for the year, I have intentions, this year it is to 'hold lightly' and dance through the days. I am not blogging much at the moment as the weather is wonderful here and it is spent in the garden, when we get a rainy day I can do the indoor stuff! Your blog is not boring, it is real. For me it is lovely to know that people the other side of the world are living as I do!

    1. I do not "put a face on" I write as I speak, just slower. I enjoy my life just as it is. I am so looking forward to spring and summer, I miss being outside.

  4. Your blog is not boring :-) I loves reading it!

  5. You live your life Girl .. thats what its for .. each of us different each of us special. If people think us boring thats their problem ..glad you got some sunshine .. curry looks great ... I love a good curry.

    1. It was delish and sooooo cheap. I am watching every penny now, I have set myself a challenge to spend as little as possible this year and it is so far so very good.

  6. Love to read your blog, your life is so not boring, your enthusiasm shines through, Vee x

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog x all I do is knit, clean up after children and knit!!
    Oh, loads of dog walking there too! Meatloaf, I'm green with envy, love,love,love him!

    1. I've done my share of cleaning after children, I was the eldest of 5 so started young! Now I clean up after Ben and the sewing makes more mess than you would guess,I leave a trail of bits of thread and slivers of fabric where ever I go. I think that Meatloaf was my favourite, I saw him after his voice went and it was so sad. I did see the Beatles live once but they were not my "thing".


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