Thursday 30 January 2014

What to do on a Rainy Day.

With a little bit of this and a little bit of that I can fill my day with sunshine, well warmth and the golden glow of the oven light.
I couldn't sit still today so between the showers I took Ben and Greg out for 2 walks.
 I sorted out my sewing patterns and cut out another full skirt from my new to me pattern. The first one will have to be refashioned, I felt that the fabric was just a touch too heavy so am rethinking. The white on red polka dot is cut out and pinned together, I have a zip and will probably use a hook and eye fastening on the waistband.

At mid afternoon I had to get into the kitchen, I started by getting my pastry mix, homemade, out of the fridge and making a ball of pastry to rest back in the fridge.

While it was chilling I made this.

1/4 of a roast chicken, 1 bacon chop simmered in a little water  for 15 minutes, 2 leeks some buttery stuff, plain flour, milk and stock.

Slice the cleaned leeks and sweat off in some buttery stuff, when soft stir in the plain flour and cook for 10 minutes stirring gently. Add in enough stock and milk to give a fairly thick sauce, season and stir in the diced meats and put to cool. roll out the chilled pastry and make pies or pasties.

I got a pie for the freezer, another for my neighbour  Nev, and a pastie for lunch tomorrow, maybe.

I had some pastry left and knowing that both my neighbours have a sweet tooth I made a Paradise slice.

Line a greased swiss roll tin with pastry and spoon in some jam to cover the bottom. Weigh 3 eggs, 2 if very big, and use the same weight of caster sugar and buttery stuff, beat together with a wooden spoon, then use the same weight of half and half SR Four and Ground Almonds and stir into the mix, then add around 100 gs coconut and 400 g luxury mixed fruit (RTC if you can find it is perfect.) I have used homemade mince meat and added a little extra almonds to counteract the extra moisture, dollop on to the jam and spread level cook at 180c for 25 -30 minutes. I like this warm with a little cream, others like it with custard. I made a small round one from the excess pastry and filling mix, waste not want not.

I phoned the surgery this morning for my follow up test results, only to be told that it had been tested and on seeing the results the sample had been sent to "the lab", and no there was nobody available to give me any details, and no they could not prescribe anything until the results are back.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A happy productive day.

2. Treats for my friends that cost little more than my time.

3. Missing the rain on my walks.

4. Despite the weather laundry and ironing done and dusted.

5. Seeing a mole pop out of his hole and sit up sniffing the air, luckily Ben and Greg were charging around on the other side of the field.

They are pretty little creatures and surprisingly fast, a blackbird sounded the alarm and in the blink of an eye the mole had turned a somersault and was gone.
I have stocked up with lemon barley water and cranberry juice, I will try the surgery Friday afternoon but in truth I expect it will be Monday at the earliest before I get any answer.

I have 6 items on my shopping list, I will go to see Mr T. on Friday and see if I can stock up enough things to get my £6 off. I have checked on line and some of my regular buys are on promotion.

Time for Tea,
                        TTFN                                             Pam


  1. We had a lovely walk with our dogs today, not one raindrop fell. All your cooking looks gorgeous x

  2. Likewise, Pam. I have been baking nearly all week, though nothing sweet and no pastry at the moment. And unlike you I have not been at all productive in the sewing room! You do have the knack of being even-handed with your activities - I wish I was!

  3. Wow, you've been busy! I'm trying not to bake as my resist button has gone missing! I'm loving how it's getting ever so lighter each evening! We are talking ourselves in and out of getting a dog - it would make me move off the sofa at least once a day!


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