Thursday 2 January 2014

Sunshine came blazing through my window today.

A warm welcome to Tracy@Cardmaker's Delights, who has joined us, I hope you enjoy the journey. I do like hand made cards but I tried a few times only to get more glue on me than the cards and Ben had glitter on his tails for days.
I seem to have lost a couple of peeps, I hope they are still enjoying blog land. I find it fascinating just pootling around hopping backwards and forwards, you will see new blogs on my list every now and then, sometimes I just can't help myself, I have to follow in case I miss something.
Oh My Word it is glorious today, the wind has dropped and the sky is blue. The sun is beaming down and everyone that I have met while walking Ben has been cheerful. Lovely.
I was blog hopping earlier and found a quilting pattern that I liked instantly, it is called Candy Bar and is really a cushion cover to use the Moda Candy packs. These are precut 2 1/2" squares from designers collections and are very pretty, they are also a very pretty price. Well it just happens that when I was cutting up the contents of my scrap bin I cut stacks of squares this size. So with a little sewing and pressing I have this for my trouble.

I have enough squares sewn in sets of 3 to make 2 more blocks that are 18" unfinished, 16 blocks would make a 70" square quilt top before borders. I still have a quilt top in blocks to get finished so this may have to be a "suck it and see" project. I would like the cushion covers but equally a quilt is tempting. watch this space.
As soon as I left my machine to press the block, a squatter moved in.

He managed a half glance at me before curling up and snoozing, I feel that it was my cue to get the washing in and ironed as the board was set up. I had turned the power off, I do when ever i leave the machine, so even though he was on the foot pedal nothing untoward could happen.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Marina is having her treatment and is holding her own.

2. Francesca is happily back at work after our protracted stay in Derbyshire.

3. Jeannie is coping and slowly getting into a semblance of normal life.

4. I have packed up 3 bags of goodies for the food bank. leaving my little house much tidier.

5. A day of glorious sunshine has been most refreshing and invigorating

We still have no date for the Cremation but I am sucking it up.  
That is all for now, the great outdoors beckons for a stroll with Ben.
       TTFN                                                        Pam


  1. Hope you enjoy your walk. We've been out for a stroll this afternoon, it certainly blew the cobwebs away!

    1. It was a brilliant walk and we are off out again soon as it is sunny today.

  2. I am envying you your sunshine although we did get a rain free afternoon today so that was a vast improvement. Love the quilt block, very uplifting!

    1. We have bright sun again this morning and I intend to enjoy it, after all it is free. I have started piecing another 2 blocks, I am only using fabric that I have so the background will be different in every one as well as the candy bars. I think that it will make for a more interesting finished whatever it turns out to be. I am "Undecided of Tydd St. Mary"

  3. You amaze me that you manage to see the positive out of the tough times and you really encourage me to do the same. I will be walking my mad spaniels tomorrow despite the bad weather and plan to look forward to it and appreciate the wildness of the walk.
    KJ x

  4. The walk was lovely, it is supposed to be raining today but is bright and sunny so we will be off out again shortly.

  5. Happy New Year, Pam. Yes we had a lovely sunny morning here in West Norfolk but the wind has got up and the sky is grey and threatening. I think we are in for it, as they promised!
    So pleased to hear your friend and neighbour is holding her own. Reasons to be cheerful indeed! Lx


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