Wednesday 29 January 2014

What a Wonderful Day

This morning the postie brought me a very special packet, well it may not be everyone,s cup of tea but it is certainly right up my street. I found it on Anglesey Allsorts on Saturday and it had my name all over it.

I may have totally ignored the stack of fabric ready to be cut for my next quilt.
I may have spend time pulling a wonderful piece of lightweight home dec fabric that I think would be perfect for the skirt and blouse.

I bought this 100% cotton print in Dunelm ages ago, I just knew that the perfect use would come along.
I also have some bright red polka dot that would be ideal for a lighter version, I will line it though as I can not be doing with petticoats. I have also added pockets to the side seams, on the polka dot skirt I may add patch pockets.

Dinner tonight was Spicy sausages and oven cooked chips, I used some red unnamed potatoes and was not impressed. They came from a bag that was a gift and I will try as many ways of cooking them as I have to until I find a way that they like. If all else fails they will become game chips and Bubble and Squeak.

I was talking to a friend earlier about our shopping habits, she was shocked at the fact that I actively hunt out bargains and stock pile on items when they are on promotion. I am certain that she thought that I was on my beam end.
Now I do not feel the need to justify my actions but I took the time to explain.
It is not a case of what I CAN afford but what I WILL afford. When I find things, that I usually buy, at a reduced  to clear price or on a very good special offer, I snap them up in as large a quantity that I can store. I am a winner in the game. If I have to pay full price I have lost. To me it is a game, it is also a safety net for the future. I am healthy and hope to have many more years of good health. If this does not happen I will have substantial savings to enable me to remain independent with support. Plus I enjoy it, I went to the Co op in Sutton this morning and large chickens were RTC to £3.50 from £5.00, all the same price but with a weight variation of 200g, that is over 6oz. I took the time to sift through and pick out 4 of the heaviest. To me that was a win win double. I could easily pay the full price, they are very good quality and a fair price but I like to play the game.
There have been times when shopping this way was the only option for me, certainly it was how I was raised. Now it is second nature to me.
Reasons to be grateful.

1. Today I made a convert to careful shopping.

2. Today I stocked up on lean protein at a bargain price.

3. Today I walked in sunshine, three times.

4. Today I had exciting post.

5. Today I started making a skirt, for the spring that is on it's way.

I have had a good day today, I hope that you all have also had good days.
Do I feel guilty for not sewing quilt blocks? Not in the slightest, it will happen and once completed I will be having a layer and baste day or so, followed closely by a quilting fest. I have not made clothes for a while and it felt good to do some "for me" sewing today.
I am going to look around for a dress form, I had one years ago and goodness knows what happened to it, lost in a house move probably. 
That is it for today, oh oh, I nearly forgot, I told you about the bread tins that I found in London for £ too much. Well I had a ride out with Nev this morning to a large rambling sell anything kind of place, he wanted photo paper for his printer and I found sturdy bread tins for £3.99 and snapped up 2. When I use them I will show and tell.

               TTFN                                                        Pam


  1. Love the pattern, Pam, I'll look forward to seeing what you make from it. I'm exactly the same as you with stocking up when things are on offer so if possible I won't ever have to pay full price for them. I do have to be careful money-wise, but even if I didn't I'm sure my frugal habits would be so ingrained I wouldn't feel happy paying full price for something I could get reduced. Well done on getting those chickens and taking the time to root out the heavier ones, and those bread tins sound a good buy.

  2. I totally get your idea of stocking up when things are on sale. I look through the grocery flyers each week and stock up for us. I feel like I've beaten the system when I get a real bargain. Such pretty fabric from Dunelm!

  3. Absolutely love both the flowered fabric and the pattern! Will you please show the skirt and blouse when they are finished?
    Thanks for calling the money saving tactics as a "game". I also saw this mentioned on another blog this week. When I made the same "game" comment on another blog, the blogger said itwas not a game, but serious business...I just meant that if you challenge yourself to save more, even if you have to, it makes it a little less hard work and more of a challenge...
    Still bitter cold here in the US...more snow last night. No one can stay out too long for least the sun was out...!

  4. Can't wait to see pictures of the dress. I don't sew myself so I admire your talent x

  5. I, too, was raised to keep a full pantry. I buy only what we're going to use but when it's on sale, I'll buy for the month, knowing it will all be used up. I do not like to see any empty space in my cabinet - Mom raised me well, lol....

    Happy sewing!

  6. Love the pattern & the fabric. Will look forward to the end result.
    I make shopping a game too, otherwise I'd never do any,The s*p*rmkts play games with us to get us to part with our hard earned cash so why shouldn't we do the same with them. Anything saved is better off in my pocket than theirs. Life can be so serious in other area's so we might as well have a bit of fun whilst being frugal!

  7. Thumbs up to you, if something is on a good reduction I too will buy as many as I can it so worth keeping an eye out. Lloyds chemist is a great place to keep an eye out for bargains, our local one has new lines each month on offer for £1 each. In the past I've stocked up on bath foam which doubles as many of you know as hand wash, shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam, razors, toothpaste. deodorant, panty liners, soap and much more.
    Looking forward to seeing your skirt when it's made.

    Peg x

  8. Totally on your beam end .. ha ha ... arn't we all !
    Glad you liked the pattern .. cant wait to see the finished outfit .. lovely fabric.


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