Monday 20 January 2014

My Avalanche of Kindness

Welcome aboard to Claire from Thriftwood, I tried to reply to your comment but Blogger dug his ( of course it is a male, awkward to the 'nth degree) heels in and would not let me. I have read that a few people are having the occasional problem, I have myself, but on my own blog! Hey ho onwards and upwards.

Now for the good bits, very very good.

When I opened my parcel this avalanche erupted, strips and strings and squares and scraps

Some trimmings from projects, these got me wondering what they were part of.

Wide strips mostly WOF, note the green in the front, so lovely.

These are larger pieces some with interesting gaps, yet again they got me wondering what the gaps had become.

Then these 12, fat quarters and bigger, such yumminess in such a small parcel. The box was 6" square and 6 1/2" tall, I think Patty must have waved a magic wand to get it all in.
There is not one single pattern that is in my stash and I have to keep looking and stroking them. I also have to tell you that this fabric will not join the stash until my 4 charity quilts have been made. Selfishly I am keeping this for me, I see a new quilt in my bedroom this year, I have an idea forming and as soon as it has rooted properly I will share. 
 And now for something completely different, Tights, winter tights, warm and woolly, patterned and brightly coloured. What size should I be buying? In my collection I have small, medium, med/large, tall and small/medium. All of them fit me perfectly! I also have a pile of large, medium and small/medium that either pull up under my chin (that will be the medium) or sit just below my hips even though the legs are too long ( think Nora Batty).
Oh I nearly forgot the ones where the crotch sits at mid thigh and the top is big enough to have a party in. Who on earth designs these and who for? Does anyone have any suggestions, I do like M&S but they have a small colour range. I like bright and bold (think Sue Pollard meets Zandra Rhodes).
When I worked it was jeans all the way, now I like skirts and tights. Francesca turfed out her surplus skirts and I hoovered them up, as she is a few inches shorter than me thick tights are a MUST.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. My lovely, lovely parcel.

2. The people of Blog land, who give so generously. Both of material gifts and help and support.

3. Sunshine, I will never cease to be grateful for that, especially in the winter.

4. Ben, as smooth and soft as a piece of velvet.

5. My wellies, an essential clothing item for walking said Ben.

I have a theme for tomorrow that I find interesting and fits my Frugal ( tight fisted) shopping and cooking ideals. I would have shared it today but for my tremendous pile of goodies.
TTFN                                   Pam


  1. What a lovely gift of fabric. I bet you had fun unpacking all that. I don't wear tights often but like you I have all different sizes. I've just managed to get into some that I bought at my biggest and were supposed to fit up to a 52 inch hips (I was then 49-50 in). They might have fit on my hips, but I could never get them up past my knees. Do these people not know that most women with big hips also have big legs to go with them? I can only now get them up my legs and over my now 40 inch hips.

    1. It was a wonderful gift from Patty@in stitches, her shop site is well worth a visit even if you are not going to buy, I often find that a "window shopping" session fuels my mind with new ideas. As for the tights, I always read the size guide on the packet it is a shame that the manufacturers don't. Woo Hoo 40" get you snake hips.

  2. A lovely mix of patterns in that bundle, what a joy.

    1. I love colour and pattern and that is a bundle of joy. Once my 4 quilts are made I am setting aside time to play and create for myself.

  3. that is nice batch of scraps, I am sure you will sew some cozy pretty quilts with it.
    I just love looking at all the patterns.

    1. The glory of it is that although most of the colours feature heavily in my life, there are enough new colours and patterns to get my mind out of a rut.

  4. Lovely new fabrics, I think just being 'new' makes them exciting and inspiring. I have taken to wearing thick tights recently, the problem with me is not the tights though, I have only one skirt that fits properly, others that are meant to be the same size fall down past my hips, but a smaller size is Michelin woman!!

  5. Pam I am struggling to leave comments on some blogs too. I wish they would sort it.
    You have lovely reasons to be grateful. I am especially grateful for the lovely sunshine we have had a couple of days and the mild weather. It's been nice to get out and about .

  6. Wow that was a Bumper Bundle Pam! And I'm so glad you are going to do something for YOU - you will make a lovely quilt with all that to choose from.
    Oh I do know what you mean about tights! In fact I think sizing in womens' clothes full stop is ridiculous in this country, no matter where you shop. M&S used to be so reliable, but nowadays I find they are all over the place. WHY?? Lx


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