Thursday 9 January 2014

A Dreary Dismal Sort of Day, but only outside.

I woke up to the sound of rain and an hour later it is still persisting down. hey ho it had to happen and we have had some very sunny days. I am stuck in all day waiting for phone calls so I don't mind too much. I will buckle down and get my quilt top made and decide whether or not it needs a border. 
I made bread yesterday using FM.s recipe, but of course i had to tweak it. First of all I doubled it and used 900g white bread flour and 100g organic wholemeal flour, some of the Polish flour from last year. My tins are longer and shallower than a standard tin so I get smaller slices, this suits me as I cut down on fillings and calories. However I gift some of my bread so I will have a look round for some standard tins. I have a recipe from The Iowa Housewife blog for English Muffin Bread, I have everything to make it so that will be my next batch. I really ought to think about making a new Sourdough starter, I miss the smell and taste and  the lovely chewy texture. I may wait until the weather warms up a bit, there should be more wild yeast in the air then.
I may or may not get a call from work today, following my last physio session I had a meeting with the Occupational Health Nurse. This had to be done as it is Standard Procedure, and has to be followed. The limitations on my return to work were put in place by Occ Health as per procedure ( the company loves that saying)
and HR spoke to me and said that a discussion would now take place to see if there is a job that will fit these restrictions and that I would/should get a call today. I have worked throughout the business and know that there is not, but I am happy to go through the paces. 
I found a recipe for a Chorizo and veg Stromboli and am going to make that tonight, instead of 1 large I will make 4 smaller and 3 will go in the freezer, they will be perfect for a picnic when I am out over lunch time, much better than buying  something out.
Frugal Queen posted a recipe for a Tagine last night and I see that in my future soon, very soon. She served it with Quinoa which I love for its nutty taste and chewy texture.
I will do my weekly shop tomorrow, milk £1 and a cabbage probably 50p, there is nothing else on my list. I will pop into the CS and check out the bed linen, I will have a rootle through for 100% cotton and vintage sheets, they are perfect for quilt backs as long as they are not faded.
I also check out the curtains, they often have brand new sets still in the original packaging for less than £5 a pair. Often I will use the lining for backing cushion covers, I quilt the tops, and aprons. The curtains become throws and pet beds, I wash them first in case they shrink.
My cold seems to be getting better but my ears are still blocked, if the drops do not clear them it will be a visit to my GP for a syringing session, deep and everlasting joy.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A very low spend week in front of me.

2. The freezer level has scarcely dropped in 2 weeks.

3. I have 2 packs of cranberries, a gift, to make into jelly.

4. Ben is booked in for a trim with a local dog groomer, a 5 minute walk away so more saving.

5. I found a book in the library that I have been searching for.

All in all despite the rain it is really a sunshiney day for me, if I can keep my spending under £10 for long enough I can get several of the things done around the cottage this summer. All I need to do is draw up a list and prioritize , fixing my leaky front door is number 1 and I will be dealing with that issue today, hopefully it will mean a repair and not a replacement. I have a new garden gate on the way, my neighbour Nev has a "Handy Andy" sort of brother who noticed that it was getting a bit "iffy" and is making me one with wood left over from another project, as a swap for a cake and some preserves. You gotta love the barter system.

I think I better drag my BTM off the sofa and make another brew before I start this day up.
          TTFN                                                      Pam

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