Sunday 12 January 2014

Shiny Sunday Morning Quilts and other Tales.

I was mooching through my blog list, just popping in and out, and went to visit Melanie at A Patchwork Robin. If you haven't been to see her you ought, her work is varied and lovely. I stayed for 20 minutes and it was only my timer alert that took me away.
It was for the oven I had a late dinner, procrastination made it late, I could not make my mind up what I wanted. I settled on a pizza, not just any old one but a Chorizo and vegetable folded one. It was delicious served with a salad drizzled/drowned in Maple Balsamic Vinegar.

I was full before I had eaten it so I gave some of the crust to Ben, who woofled it up.
I did a stack of pressing, cutting and sewing after dinner. I was itching to start the boy,s quilt. I took Ben out at around 11.00 and there was a very sharp frost. When I got up this morning the sun was blazing and the sky was azure, but it was still white with frost.

Right in the center you can see a lonely apple clinging on against all odds.
BTW I wasn't being an idle lay abed I had showered, dressed and prepped a stack of veg for yet more soup. I have a pot of mixed veg in a tomato and chicken stock simmering away and will be having that for lunch, and probably dinner, with some toasted home made bread.

Here is a quick look at the boy quilt fabric so far and a little peek at the girl top.

I have made a start on the strip sets.

Some more strips of a different size waiting to go through the machine. This quilt is going to be a version of Candy Coated from  my book Sunday Morning Quilts.

The finished Candy Bar quilt top, I am still dithering between 2 backing fabrics, I want it to be girly but not just for a very young child, it is full single bed size.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. I have to say it again....Sunshine, glorious golden sunshine.

2. A pristine gleaming white frost, very easy on the eye, if not good for travel.

3. Ben enjoying a good run around the field and no mud.

4. The seed and plant books that plopped onto the door mat yesterday morning, my ordering is done but I will enjoy reading them.

5. My use it up campaign is going strong, total spend this week £1.50 and nothing to buy until next Friday. My budget week starts on Friday.

I am in the fortunate position of having some over ripe bananas so 2 Banana and Walnut cakes and 2 Apple and Sultana cakes will be going into the oven later. I will be baking bread as well and while the oven is on I will probably make some Buttermilk Biscuits for the freezer. The cakes will go to Derbyshire on Wednesday and James can take one of each back to Wales along with his surprise quilt. 
I stored away a huge amount of apples from the garden and they are keeping very well, I did freeze some ready cooked and bottled some as well. I do not intend to buy much fruit when I have this bounty growing free.

I can feel a cup of tea coming on so it is,

                TTFN                                                      Pam


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  2. The quilt top is stunning, lovely bright colours and so cheerful x

  3. I always enjoy your "reasons to be grateful". No matter how hard our days are, we all have them don't we?

  4. We're enjoying a beautiful day here in north Derbyshire, the sky is a gorgeous pale blue with not a cloud in sight. Its very cold, even for me but so lovely not to have rain.
    I like the fabrics youve chosen for the boy and girl quilts, the quilt top oh my gosh its lovely so colourfull.
    Mr B is in the kitchen as I type peeling a large amount of apples to cook, make into pies etc for freezing.

    Enjoy your day.

    Peg xx

  5. I too love your "reasons to be grateful" I read them and it makes me think of my reasons. Doing that cheers me up no end!


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