Wednesday 8 January 2014

A Rush about sort of day

A warm welcome to a new follower, Nanny Boo I hope you enjoy being aboard.
I had my last session with Miss Whiplash yesterday and it left me in no condition to think never mind write a post. I own up to the fact that, with every thing that has happened, I have not been as diligent in my exercises as I should have but whew, I suffered for my sins.
At long last we have a date for the Cremation, next Wednesday, so appropriate plans can be put in place.
My sewing is progressing I have 12 blocks assembled for the first quilt and will get them sewn together tomorrow.
I will have to be in all day as I am expecting a phone call or three.
I have been haring all over the place today, first off I took Ben out early and then went to look at Log Burners and booked a visit for a survey and quote, deep intake of breath. Then it was on to Tesco to pick up something for a neighbour, none on the shelf! Off to Dunelm to look at mats, I need to put one under the machine table my non slip one has vanished without trace, nothing small enough bar a hairy coconut fibre thing, yeuk.
A quick side trip into Asda for the neighbour and once again, not on the shelves. I did get ear drops for me and Ben, we both have Icky ears, must be something in the air. OOOHHH sorry. So the morning wasn't quite wasted. 
Back home, cup of tea and a speedy sandwich and then off with the dogs for a blow round the field and a bit of road walking. It has been another sunny day and quite warm really even when the wind started blowing.
I can not be bothered to cook tonight so will have a rummage in the fridge and freezer and if nothing appeals it will be beans on toast.
My front door has decided to start leaking like a sieve so part of tomorrow will be spent phoning round for someone to come out and look at it, Oh Emergency Fund how I love thee.
My spare bedroom will be cream and lilac when finished, I have a cream lampshade and rummaged through my ribbons and lace box to find some lilac and purple ribbons, these will trim it up nicely, a "designer" shade for nothing, well maybe a burnt fingertip from the glue gun.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Sunshiney day, yet again washing dried outside.

2. A sewing afternoon with no interruptions.

3. Ben had 2 runs and didn't go into a single mud patch.

4. My decorating is coming on well.

5. My garden has paths again instead of streams.

spell check is telling me that Sunshiney is not a word, well in my world it is.
Oh I nearly forgot, I jumped on the scales today and I have lost 3 lb
it would have been more but I had drunk 2 mugs of tea before I remembered, oops.
I am off to see if I can find something for dinner, I will be glad when this cold goes and I can taste what I am eating, it does help.

             TTFN                                                       Pam


  1. Hi Pam your a busy bee, I quite like the word sunshiney lol it sounds rather happy and bright. xxx

  2. A mud free dog is definitely something to be thankful for :)

  3. Oops I should have typed nannyboo, that,s what rushing about on a sunshiney January day does to you.


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