Monday 6 January 2014

I've been walking in Sunshine, Oh Yeah

It has been a glorious day, bright sunshine, clear blue sky and a brisk breeze that although not warm was not really cold. Ben and Greg had 2 gallops round the field and 2 road walks. 
To cap the day I had 2 loads of washing dried on the whirlythingamajig.

The sewing is going great guns, I have about 10 candy bars to finish and then there will be 30 to cut in half, that will make enough blocks for 2 quilts. I have pulled the wadding and backing from my stash.

I have been to the library this afternoon and have found 3 books, with all the sewing they will be plenty for a couple of weeks.

There is still no date for the cremation, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow and I find it baffling that every thing is waiting on 1 person to do their job.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A pleasant day with lots of outside time.

2. Ben, fully exercised, is snoozing at my feet.

3. An easy dinner of home made KFC with a crunchy salad.

4. A fresh Pineapple for pudding.(50p)

5. A bunch of red grapes for 30p.

I popped into the co op before the library, just in case, and found the large pineapple and over 500g of grapes, at 80p they will give me loads of vitamins. I will prepare the pineapple  and freeze in portions and open freeze the grapes. I will keep some back for "afters".
This makes my spend for this week £1.80 and will need nothing else before the weekend.
I snapped this in the sun, they are crab apples

 but as I do not know if they are edible I have left them for the birds.

My cup of tea is calling me, 
                 TTFN                                    Pam


  1. I envy you your sun and brisk wind! We have had thunder.. lightening ..horrendous hail stones and raging winds. A neighbouring village had a house roof catch fire during the lightening storm .. and to cap it all the electricity has been on and off.
    Hey ho ...bring on spring.

    1. I have been reading the weather reports, it makes me glad to be living in flat, boring Fenland. The wash protects us from most extremes of weather. I second you on the spring wish.

  2. Send some sunshine to Scotland please, just more winds and rain today.
    The crab apples look so bright and cheery in your photo, pretty!

    1. Wish I could fill the car up with sunshine and bring it to you. The apples really glow in the sunshine, how they came to be in the field is anybodies guess, there is a small orchard at the other end but no sign of there ever being a house nearby. Right in the middle is an elderly Damson, I was late finding it last year but have earmarked it now.

  3. Reading your cheery post filled my work cubicle with sunshine ... thanks for spreading the joy! Also, your frugal ways are inspiring me to take a closer look at my spending.
    I'm so glad I found your blog!

    1. Glad to please, I really started to get frugal when I realised that I hated shopping, I loved finding exactly what I was looking for I just hated the looking bit.Now I spend as little as possible as I only shop when it is essential, ahhh not counting fabric of course, I could spend hours if not days just looking and touching.


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