Friday 3 January 2014

Hanging on with grim determination.

I saw something on my walk this morning that I found to be inspiring yet sad at the same time.

This weather beaten Hawthorn berry hanging on to the bitter end demonstrates the "British Bulldog" attitude and is inspiring and uplifting. However there is a tinge of sadness in the knowledge that it will fall, it has to fall. Why should it be so? Because it has to make way for the next generation, as do we all.

I am a bit of a Sci-Fi fan and the prospect of extended life is a recurring theme. On the face of it it sounds wonderful, an extra 10, 20 years or maybe more. So much can be done in that time, but hang on a minute where do the next generation fit in.
We already live far longer than 100 years ago, it is nothing remarkable to have 5 generations in a family alive and well.
Then I saw this.

An Apple tree with quite a lot of fruit hanging on in there and it was not alone, a few more trees were still holding fruit. I hope that this is not a clue to bad weather coming. There are still large quantities of Rosehips in the hedgerows and even some wizened blackberries.

I like to look at these and think that it is a reflection of the Human Spirit. We are tenacious in our grip on life, we dig our heels in and do not surrender to the changing winds.  We face adversity head on and strive to make it back up.
Well that is how I try to live my life, oh I have made my mistakes and sometimes compounded them, but I try to learn along the way.

Then I see this and I know that life is good to live no matter what comes along.

Ben and Greg playing on their walk, goodness knows what they were sniffing out but they snuffled around there for a few minutes.

I laughingly asked Greg to move into the sun and pose for me, and there he is, bless him.

This is a small corner of the field that they gallop round in twice daily, it takes 20 minutes or so to walk the perimeter and the dogs criss cross and run round in loops and circles most of that time.

I have one more photo to share, I decided to raid the Odds and Ends fabric bin last night and have been cutting and sewing.

The pile in the bottom right corner are ready to press and cut in half, each will make 2 candy bars. The rest are in various stages of completion and I plan an afternoons sewing. I think that a quilt is being born here.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Another sunny day.

2. Ben and Greg running and playing with boundless joy.

3. A reminder from nature to be strong and hold on.

4. Decorating has begun in the small bedroom.

5. A quilt for giving is coming out of scraps.

I heard on the radio news earlier that Cornwall is being battered by this awful weather. When this sort of thing happens in the US quilters get together and sew and donate to families made homeless. This is a gesture of kindness to those who have lost most of their possessions, whether permanently or temporarily. I have contributed to some of these appeals.
I have decided that as I work my way through my mountain of stashed fabric I will make a series of quilts to give in this country. I am sure that if I do some Blog Hopping I will come across a group set up for this purpose. If anyone knows of such a group please drop me a comment to point me in their direction.
Now it must be time for a brew before I turn my sewing mojo back on.

        TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. You have some lovely colours and you've plenty of fabric to make a lovely quilt

    1. I love bright colours and now that I have made all the candy bars I do have enough to make a quilt. I have a duvet cover to back it and enough wadding, once finished i will search out a home for it.

  2. What a lovely idea, I hope someone comes up with the info you need. I love to read about your quilting, although I do not quilt, I like to knit and usually knit for charity. I have knitted Afghans ( lapblankets) for our local Women's Aid who are always glad of them as many women arrive at refuges with no belongings except what they stand up in. So if you can't find a weather related charity this might be a way to go. Someone is going to love your quilts, that's for sure, Vee x

    1. Thank you for the information, I will have a look on the web to see if we have a branch in the area. I used to knit but after breaking my wrists I find the weight too much.

  3. What a wonderful post Pam. I love what nature teaches us. Your walks sound wonderful and what great company!

    Good luck with finding the charity. I am sure that whoever receives such a quilt will treasure it.

    Sft x

    1. I really enjoy being out with the dogs, it is often the high point of the day.

  4. Love the pic of the two dogs snuffling along ... such good friends.
    Our coastline had been really battered ... lots flooded ... huge tides just swamping everything in their wake.
    Good idea with the gift quilt.

    1. I have been keeping up with the results of the terrible weather, Cornwall has suffered as has Wales.

  5. Lovely photographs. I bey you won.t have a problem gifting your beautiful quilts, someone somewhere will be grateful for your generosity. At our Thimbles group we make quilts for the local comunity to use as a raffle prize, the last one raised over £100 which is good for a small village. The Womens Refuge sound a brillant idea x

    1. I am so busy wrestling with fabric that I haven't had time to do any research, i intend to have a look see on Monday.

  6. Lovely photos, Try the Red Cross, when we had the terrible Eathquake in Christchurch, the Red Cross was organising blankets etcr for the victoms, they might know of groups. I know in my small town the Red Cross here have a group knitting afghans. I want to thank you for the tip a while back to make doggy beds out of old pillow cases, I crochet grannie squares for the SPCA for the cats and now I have added the pillow quilts for the dogs and they are ever so popular, Any pillow covers and duvet inners they get in their op shop they pass on to me to make up.

    1. I am glad that you could use the idea, I unpick pillowcases and join 2 together to make a large dog bed,


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