Saturday 4 January 2014

Dashing away with the smoothing iron, all on a rainy Saturday.

 Wow, I am up to my chin in fabric, big bits, charm squares, jelly strips and mountains of scraps all of needing pressing before I cut it.
I did manage to sew 3 more blocks though.

The background fabric on each block is a different colour pin dot from John Louden on a cream background. I intend to make each block with a different background but all neutral. 

This lot is cut into 2 1/2 by 5" strips ready to join, the shortbread tin is full of the finished candy bars. Now that I have 4 blocks done I want to get as many sets done as I can.When I run out of steam I will cut the background strips and start sewing blocks again.

These are just some of the fabrics that are pressed and waiting to be cut. They include some of my hoarded favourite Bonnie & Camille patterns. I want the quilts to be as pretty as they can. I do have some Boy prints and will drag them out as well, mixed with some browns, blues and greys I hope to make 2 quilts.

I will carry on cutting and sewing until my stash is at least halved.
One of my US readers emailed me and suggested that I make childrens quilts, she has had first hand experience of seeing families who have lost everything and says that most parents want their children to be comforted first. So my goal, for now, is 4 quilts around 50" by 68" that will be 48 blocks this size.

Our weather has been pants today, rain and wind and more of both. It had to happen I suppose.

I am having a lazy dinner tonight and quite naughty. A baked Camembert with chips and garlic bread to dip, I will make a salad as well. On the plus side I have been so busy today that all I have eaten is some cereals with skimmed milk, i didn't even stop to crunch on an apple.
I took time out to empty the veg drawer and make a big batch of Veg Hash, I had to shuffle the small freezer contents to make room for it. I still have a load of carrots so will be making soup tomorrow, I still have fresh coriander in the garden and with a good squeeze of orange juice it should be good.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Rain started play, with fabric of course.

2. A yummy dinner tonight, definitely "a little of what I fancy" 

3. My new quilt blocks are really bright and cheerful ( and easy).

4. Elf was on TV last night, one of my favourite films.

5. A pot of chicken stock is simmering away, ready for soup making, and the house smells good enough to eat.

I read a blog comment this morning, while drinking my first brew of the day, about decluttering by 1 item a day. Frugal Queen has downsized and has to whittle her possessions down so it could have been on her blog. It rang a bell for me but as I am clearing a swathe through my fabric I will let it be for  a while, but is does sound an easy way to lose my grip on things that I really do not need or even use now. ie I have 6 baking sheets, tut tut.

That's all for now.

TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. I love how concise and to the point this post is, a calming moment for my racing brain as I head out to do the weekly shopping. We have bright sun and frost this am, but had our hard rain last week. Are you donating the quilts? I've probably missed something earlier. What a beautiful and thoughtful way to downsize. You have inspired me to dig through my fabric stash!

  2. Yes, I posted a day os so ago about help needed in this country, I have sent quilt blocks to the US to help appeals. I have amassed a stack of and feel that I should "put my money where my mouth is" I enjoy quilting and I found a new block pattern that I LOVE.

  3. I love the fabric and I'm reading your words not understanding a word of jelly rolls, candy etc etc but I am enjoying it!! I treated my daughter to a Camembert that was whoopsed at the co op, it had little chopped bacon bits to sprinkle on the top. She wolfed the lot!!

  4. I went through my fabric stash the other day and was surprised how much I'd accumulated, especially as I only started sewing about a year ago. Unless I get an order for a bag with a specific theme (I'm making one with tortoise/turtle fabric at the moment) I shan't buy anything else and will try and use up some of what I already have. Even so, I'll have to make a lot of bags or some massive quilts to even make a dent in my stash.


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