Saturday, 18 June 2016

Butterflies, flowers and a bargain.

I had to go to Neath this morning and to while away the time I had a scoot round Wilkinson's, I found a bargain.

Less than half price at £2.25. There are also good offers on Pantene  shampoo and conditioner.

Then I went to Shaws the drapers for a pair of 6mm knittings needles. I have put the posh circular set away, I could not keep the sleeves under control on it. I spotted these little buttons, I will use them on something for Kaitlyn. She wants dressing up clothes for her birthday in August.

I have this fascinator tucked away and will be looking for a feather boa on my next shopping trip.

I managed an hour or so in the garden, dead heading roses and lupins. Weeding and picking wild strawberries, if we get a couple of days sun I will have plenty of the cultivated sort as well.

The lupins are in full flower and I hope to keep them going with regular beheading.

This is my new rose, just the one bloom on it. I will be cutting it later and then getting the plant into the garden. The perfume is amazing, you could get drunk on it.

Apart from that not much is happening. I have made veggie burgers for dinner and will have them with a salad. 
There will be rhubarb for a crumble tomorrow, I will probably dig in the freezer for "one that I prepared earlier" and have an easy day of it.
Rain is forecast and I have plenty to do indoors.
I must get a trip to the CS in on Monday, I have a small hill of stuff to take and I do not want a single bit to slink back into the cupboards.

Ben is making time for a walk noises so I am off now.

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekends.

                      TTFN                                             Pam


  1. My favorite shampoo and what sweet buttons

  2. Love the Lupins, we used to grow them on the allotment but sadly there isn't enough room in our tiny garden now.

  3. Great bargain, I found a deal in Farm foods for that shampoo I while ago I got 2 for £4.00, they will last for ages.
    Your Lupins are gorgeous I bought one a while back. Veggie burgers and salad sounds nice. I hope to find some Rhubarb at the carboot tomorrow, you cant't beat a good crumble, enjoy x

  4. I've had about 6 hours in the garden. Totally revamped my one n only border. Took the plants back out of pots and into soil they went! Had much help from the HG though! Your lupins are tremendous and just the right colour!!

  5. I've never tried that shampoo but I may be tempted at that price.
    Beware the dressing up becomes monster that takes You should see how many dressing up clothes Ruby has both at home and here-x-

  6. Also my shampoo of the moment, my current bottle is never ending.

  7. Those buttons are a real delight, I wouldn't have been able to resist them.

  8. Hope you are feeling better Pam, just catching up blog wise..lovely buttons and roses xx

  9. I sent Mick off to the charity shop this morning to drop some bits off too. How cute are those buttons? Enjoy your rhubarb crumble, rhubarb is something I'm really missing from the allotment since we gave it up at the end of last year, I may have to succumb and buy some.

  10. My nearest Wilkinsons is a long way from where I live, so I don't get there often. I've noticed that they sell wool and knitting needles, but I'm not sure about buttons.

  11. We have a large Wilcos in our town and I use it to buy most of our toiletries and cleaning stuff. We support it as much as we can because many of the staff came from the Woolworths shop where it is now based. Sadly, the huge BHS next door is having its closing down sale this week. I'm going to be visiting Bizzie Fingers fabric shop in St Annes later this week which is a small shop with a lovely owner and fantastic stock. Sewing machine has been put away this morning and the iron will now be used for some holiday prep-once I scrape the sole plate-again. Catriona

  12. Your flowers are beautiful! Love the buttons too, so cute!


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