Thursday 23 June 2016

Will we stay or will we go now.

I went and made my cross on the ballot paper this morning, we will just have to wait and see what transpires and whether we benefit or not.

My cold seems to have been fleet of foot, it came and left in the space of 24 hours. Mind you I did wonder if it was rising damp or if I was just water logged after all the rain and mist.

I have spent most of today in the garden and will be going out again later.

This morning I was interrupted by the post man, the lovely man brought me this.

A box full of goodies from Mum.

A frothy scarf in 50 shades (well several) of blue.
Notice the sparkly bits that went all over the floor.

A book full of lovely things to crochet.

Cards and papers for crafting.

Stamps and a dolphin cutter.

Lovely decals for scrap booking and a letter opener.

A pink necklace and a sparkly hair comb.

This card was in the box, perfect for me.

And here are the instructions.

I am keeping the crochet book and the scarf, both for me, myself and I.
I will also keep the pink necklace for Kaitlyn, she has a passion for dressing up and this will go into her birthday present.

In their places I am putting these.

This book is very good, I think that it would suit everyone from a beginner to a patchwork veteran, so to speak.

5 decent sized bits of fabric, around fat quarter size to give you something to start off with.

And a lined bag to store your project in, or for knitting, crochet or what ever takes your fancy.

If anyone fancies joining in the round robin drop me a comment and I will put names into something hattish and pull one out.

Two of the pouches are on the way to there destinations, the third one is still waiting because after turning the house inside out and upside down I had to ask for an address, of course it will be the first thing that I see once the parcel is gone.

I am working on a new pattern for a zippered knitting bag, long enough to take the needles and deep and wide enough for yarn and finished bits, plus the notebook, pen, tape measure etc that you need.

I have looked at various patterns but none were quite right for me. Not that what I end up with is guaranteed to be perfect, I have 3 on the work top and will share as soon as they are finished.

Now I better get a wiggle on, there is washing up to do and I want a bit more time in the garden.

                          TTFN                                           Pam


  1. Glad your cold didn't stick around.

    1. I was chuffed to bits when I realised that it had moved out overnight.

  2. Glad your cold is gone! How nice that the surprise box arrived with you to make some choices and enjoy sending it on!

    1. It was a lovely box of goodies to choose from, I just need a few peeps to join in.

  3. So glad that your cold didn't hang around too long.
    I like the look of the 500 block book. I think I shall be paying a visit to Amazon shortly-x-

    1. There are so many books that I could buy, I try hard not to even glance at them.

  4. Oh dear, did all those sparkly bits end up on the floor! Tee Hee! :) Great substitutions for the box. I hope you get some takers who will receive the box, take their pic and then pass on. Thank you for playing.

    1. I have my fingers crossed that there will be at least one who wants to play along.

  5. I think that is a fantastic swap idea, I love what you chose out of the boa and what you put in for someone else.

    1. I like a swap type game and a round robin is always fun.


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