Friday 3 June 2016


Thank Goodness It's Friday, this week has been busy but feels as though it has dragged on for ever.
I thought that with Fran going back on Monday and Knit and Natter on Tuesday the week would have flown by, even today seems never ending.
I have been weeding and digging over a strip of garden down the edge of the front garden, just where it joins my neighbours path. I have some Blackthorn to plant along it as a bit of a wind break and will be letting the wild strawberries romp about to their hearts content.

You can just see them top left behind the planter. They are smothered in flowers and tiny berries.

There are several flowers in the garden now.

Rock Rose

Sunshine in Pansy form, dominating the Violas.

This little gem peeping from under a big plant, and a little grass. tut tut.

A happy little alpine.

Viola's swamping the primroses.

My first rose in the front garden, wonderful perfume.

Much as I love all these there is one flower that gets my pulse racing above all others,

Yes it is a potato flower and it tells me that I will soon be harvesting the rocket. I have mint at the ready.

The bluebell in the step is still there.

The Foxglove is standing as sentinel at the top of the steps.

Wonderful flowers.

Then there is my knitting.

The back.

The pattern, I would like to make the front as the waistcoat but have decided to follow the pattern.       And make the waistcoat later.

This is the free pattern that I chose, I am now having second thoughts though. I am not sure that I like the shape or the neckline.

These were all there for the taking, Debs was going to copy them so we could all have one of each.

The jury is still out regarding the quilt blocks, I will look at it again later and really apply my mind.
But for now I am off to rummage round the fridge and see what I can cobble together for dinner.
I quite fancy Scampi, Chips and Salad, but I have no scampi and no deep fryer, so It may well be tuna and mayo with salad and no chips.

                TTFN                                                 Pam

Have a good weekend.


  1. I loved growing wild strawberries, but the fruit was so tiny.

    1. I cherry picked these from a wall, they had very large very sweet fruit and with prime conditions I hope that the size will only increase. I found last year that a few wild ones mixed in gave a distinct aroma and taste to what ever I made.

  2. Wow.......that foxglove is enormous.
    Your garden is looking lovely-x-

    1. Yes it is rather tall, I am 5'5" and it is almost as tall as me. I intend to collect seed from it for next year, there is no telling what the new plants will be like but it will be fun.

  3. You certainly have an impressive garden. I am certainly a little envious of the wild strawberries, what a delight.

    1. They grow profusely all around the village, one of my neighbours has a 3' wall that is smothered with them and told me to help myself to some plants last year.I took about 10 and they have romped away.

  4. Your flowers are so pretty! I grew Foxglove one year and have had not luck with them since. My Mother thought those were the prettiest flowers she had ever seen. Maybe I should dig a new flower bed. Maybe I will do that! You have inspired me! :)

    1. They are a very tough plant and so pretty, there are some lovely colours available now.

  5. Your flowers are so lovely but my favourite has to be the foxglove. I have a few white ones but poor specimens compared to you. Lovely yarn your knitting with looking forward to seeing your finished cardi. I like the middle pattern in the last picture.

  6. Wild strawberries are lovely aren't they, I just love how they melt on your tongue. Mine never reach the house. Wishing you a lovely weekend. x

  7. Your knitting is gorgeous and I'm almost certain it's Sidar crofters? I knit little Harry a jumper in it last year! I have a slightly different shade too meant for his sister. Just need to begin!


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