Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A First for me.

I cast on a pair of socks last night, and there goes a lie. I cast on one sock, I started with my dpns and although I managed to knit with them, and didn't take an eye out, it was painful. I can remember seeing my Granny using them but not in any detail so had no idea how to manipulate them. I had a little look on you tube but there are just so many videos and it was getting on. I abandoned you tube and the dpns in favour of a circular and the magic loop. Grrrreat, I had a Tiger in my tank.

These will be the world war 11 socks.

The wool is Kingcole ZigZag and the colour is Camouflage, 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. I thought that it was a perfect match for the pattern.

I did 14 rows and then put it down in favour of the grey waistcoat, this is an order and although it is not wanted till November I would like to get it done. The order is for 43 cm from armhole to cast on edge and I am well on the way with the back. I have a photo from the pattern but it does not show any detail, there are no pockets in this but I am going to put two in. Well I will have a stab at it anyway.

It has grown by two pattern repeats since this photo and now measures 36 cm.   7 more to do, I will plough through that in front of the telly later, and do a bit more on the sock.

The pattern is from a  Peter Gregory book and I quite like all the patterns in there, good job that I have a stash of Aran wool in natural. Better than battleship grey. It is really called Graphite and is in Stylecraft  Special Aran, 100% acrylic. I am no yarn snob and this is a joy to work with, smooth and not splitty at all.

Dinner is in the oven, an easy peasy dish, Mary Berry,s roast potato and sausage supper. Green peppers, red onions, lots of garlic and a good handful of thyme ( I don't chop the leaves just throw it all in, they fall off the stems anyway).

Last night was pasta with a spicy sauce, a bit too spicy as I underestimated the strength of my chillies. I made a chopped salad and scattered some over the top along with a squirt of cucumber and mint dressing and cured the burn.

I am so glad that you can not smell my dinner, it is amazing, I am rumbling and grumbling. I just popped into the kitchen and gave it all a bit of a stir round, I can barely wait.

Ben has had a bath and is sprawled over his cushions snoring away.

I am off now to get some mushrooms ready as a side dish and ten whip Ben out for a little walk.

             TTFN                                                           Pam


  1. You've got me salivating too! You will be so v proud of me Pam. This afternoon, I have made, in a couple of hours, a fabric basket! With handles!! My first one! Finished! Only trouble is, I want to make a zillion more now but have the menfolk to feed!
    Photos on the blog tomorrow! I can't believe it turned out so well, though do NOT look too closely at my top stitching LOL XX
    I do think your waistcoat is coming along beautifully

    1. Well done that Woman, I have a row of fabric baskets in most rooms, they are great for keeping little things under control.

  2. I love the waistcoat, such a lovely colour too. I am afraid I am not a fan of chillies they seem to upset my stomach quite badly.

    1. I am fine with most foods, I have a cast iron stomach and a copper clad throat.

  3. Yep, I can smell your dinner. I'll be round in a tick. :)

  4. The graphite wool is a beautiful colour and I love the camoflage too.
    Dinner sounds gorgeous. I bet my hubby would like that-x-

    1. I am not feeling the graphite but love the sock yarn, shame they are not for me.

  5. Such wonderful knitting. I can knit with double pointed but not two needles at the same time like you are doing!

    1. I aim to persevere and try dpns again, after I have seen a few tutorials.


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