Thursday, 4 August 2016

An afternoon out.

I popped into Llandeilo yesterday afternoon an spent a couple of hours in the wool shop, knitting, drooling over new yarns and chatting with the rep from king Cole. I had a sneak preview of soon to be released yarns, some totally lush some not to my taste at all. 2 new Ch******s pattern books, I have put my name down for a knitting and a crochet book. 

While I was in the town I slipped along the street to Flying Geese.

Words are not needed, just look at all this stitchy lusciousness.

Notice the Moda scrap bags, £10 !!!

More scrap bags.

I spy an empty spot, more goodies coming soon.

A display of threads with more fabric just round the corner.

This will be my go to shop for sewing, just 30 minutes away and as a Brucie Bonus I can go to the wool shop as well. There's more, a couple of doors up from the wool shop is a Red Cross shop absolutely dripping with books, and just over the road is the Ice Cream and Chocolate shop.
Heaven is in the middle of Llandeilo.

The Postie arrived just before I left so I was very very good and left the parcel until I got home.

Pretty plastic envelope.

Lovely little box tied up with gorgeous ribbon.

This is where it came from. Do have a look at the website, super pretty hand dyed wool at a very reasonable price. 

 Look at my goodies, spot the little tea bag, it was delish.
The lovely yarn is just spring in a skein.

There were stitch markers and a progress marker, looks like jewellery to me.

This is to be knit for a friend, the postie came back later as he had forgot another parcel. This had a ready wound skein for me, but I will share once I have decided what to make with it.

Now I am off to do some necessary shopping, BORING but needs must and all that.

                          TTFN                                              Pam


  1. I will have to pop there to have a look after I have been to the Quilt festival, love the stitch markers :-)

    1. I was tempted after seeing some on another blog, I am so glad that I ordered some.

  2. Lovely shop, what wonderful stitch markers, they do indeed look like jewelry.

    1. They are so pretty, I could wear them myself.

  3. What a lovely shop........and all that Moda....swoon. Pity it's not a bit nearer to me-x-

    1. There is an impressive amount packed into a small space, with no feeling of over crowding.

  4. What a lovely shop, full of lots of treasures. Love the yarny goodies what a fab box to open. Was it one of the surprise bimonthly boxes Pam? I did pop over to the site to have a look. x

    1. No it wasn't but I have ordered the current one and the previous one, just out of a need to know you understand. I will post about them as soon as they arrive.


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