Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Naughty but nice, and very knitty.

Yesterday was knit and natter, I had no "vanilla" knitting cast on so I started another project.

This is my take on a pattern from Simply Knitting, just a loose boat neck jumper. I haven't shown the pattern as it is a cotton striped top and no relation to my version. The circular needle is a bit on the short side so the fabric will not lie flat yet. I am still trying out various makes and styles of circulars, this is on Addi Lace, extra sharp. In America they are known as sock turbos.

The yarn is from Italy and is 75%wool and 25% acrylic, it is a DK weight but feels more like Aran. It is a glorious riot of colours, and I love it.

As you can see there was a fairly large amount of nattering so I did not get very far, not to worry it will not be worn till the colder weather arrives.
Deb was wondering what to knit with some sample balls of a new yarn, there was only 1 ball of 2 colourways, so it had to be a small item. 
Then there was a lightbulb moment from someone, A Lacy Shawl. Patterns were perused and a triangular shawl from King Cole was selected. Knitted in either DK or Chunky but on HUGE needles, 10 and 12mm (and only 50 gms of wool needed). That was a red flag to me as big needles make my hands ache. Soooo I suggested smaller needles and use the 100 gms. Debs cast on with 6.5mm and was swooshing through it in no time.
This was getting on for time to go home so I finished my row and packed it all away.

Just as I was getting ready to leave the wool shop Deb mentioned a fluffy yarn that was not selling well. Now I am not a big fan of fluff, it makes me sneeze quite violently, but in for a penny and all that. 2 balls were mine in no time at all.

I had already decided to try the shawl pattern on small needles and an odd ball of yarn, so I had a look at the yarn and this light grey jumped out at me. Not for me but for Fran, she loves a scarf and this will go with her coats and most of her clothes.
I could not wait to get home and cast on. Once Ben had been greeted, fussed and hugged I made a cuppa and sat down.

Here it is, if you look close you can tell that it is a simple garter stitch, but the fluff disguises it. As it is so light I will be adding something to each point, perhaps a large silver bead, so that it hangs straight. I am pleased with it and will be working solely on it today. Once it is big enough or I run out of yarn, I will cast off and block it. There is no sparkle in the yarn but it has a shine on the fluffy strands, probably because it is 100% Polyamide. Much as I am loving seeing this grow I do not envisage knitting a garment in it, far too tickley for me.

It was a very damp start to the day, grey drizzles, but the sun is trying hard to break through, fingers crossed. I have a "taxi" trip to Llandybie this afternoon and a 2 1/2 hour wait, so will be going to see Deb again. I will try to remember the camera and ask at the Flying Geese quilt shop if I can put pics on the blog.

Apart from that there is nothing else to tell you. So time for tea.

                TTFN                                                Pam

PS I absolutely hate windows 10 and am thinking of going to my local Computer man and asking if he can replace it with windows 7.


  1. I've gone on to Windows 10 as I got a new laptop and it was already installed on there, it does take some getting used to. The shawl is looking lovely and the colour will go with lots of things. I don't mind fluffy yarn but don't make a mistake, it's a b****r to take back, ask me how I know! I've only just started using circular needles, I'm using them for the first time but I'm getting on with them great. I'd like to get some interchangeables in the future. I wish there was a knit and natter group near here, I'd really enjoy the social aspect of that.

    1. I only had widows 10 for the same reason, I was just the same the last 2 times that I replaced my laptop and desk top. The fluffy shawl will be a gift, I could not wear it.

  2. Love the multi yarn and I'm always amazed at how the patterns appear. I'm with you on the tickly yarn -males me itchy just looking at it!! We have windows 7 on our laptop and have steadfastly stuck with it. Windows 10 seems more bother than it's worth and I'm happy with 7. Happy knitting. Catriona

    1. That yarn is knitting up like a dream, I am loving the Addi turbo lace circulars so much that I have ordered some more and have put an interchangeable set on my wish list, ready for That Time of the year.

  3. Love the colours in your jumper wool. The grey wool nearly made me sneeze....I'm not a fan of fluffy stuff either.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I would love to try archery-x-

    1. I am so pleased with the Italian wool, I will be searching for some more.

  4. If you decide and are able to have Windows 7 installed on your new computer, please let us know. I have been putting of the purchase of a new computer because I do not want to deal with Windows 10. Windows 7 does all I need. Enjoy your blog and apologize for not commenting regularly. Your projects are great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I had windows 8 that came with my laptop, which I don't like at all. All those tiles drive me crazy and it took me for ever to find anything. I downloaded Windows 10 which is supposed to be the best of 7 & 8. So far I'm okay with it, I like having a start menu again! Hubby has windows 7 so we decided he should stay with that. Apparently over 50% of the world population are still using windows 7 and are very happy with it!
    I love the name of the yarn-Eskimo Kisses-especially as it makes you sneeze!!!lol

  6. I am not a fan of windows 10 either, it was a compulsory update that just happened otherwise I would have elected to stay with what I had.

  7. My laptop is almost 2 years old and came with Windows 8. I hate it!! Much prefer 7. I keep having to ignore the free upgrade ads.


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