Thursday, 18 August 2016

Busy and loving it.

Well I loved part of it, the bit when I had finished and all was clean and shiny, today was a mammoth day of housework (all that sewing rather got in the way) and I threw the towel in before doing the ironing. 
 B U T I still have that bag of fabric pieces from Flying Geese to press so tomorrow morning will see both lots sorted.

Knit and Natter went in minutes, or so it seemed, there was lots of both activities going on. We also had three new knitters, I sat next to a charming young man who was concentrating fiercely on getting it right first time. There were also two young ladies who had help from Chrissie and Deb, they were behind me but it all sounded good.

I managed to finish the back of my bright jumper and the sleeves are well under way. I am really enjoying this project and have neglected the other two. I will have the sleeves done by the end of the weekend and then want to crack on with the rest of my WIPs. 
I did pop back on Wednesday and had a lovely time with Deb, and came back with yet more wool. One of our group was knitting a scarf and the pattern caught my eye,

The texture of the scarf is lovely and I do like the new Stylecraft yarn that it was written for. But ( lots of goats in this post) I have had my eye on this wool for a little while now.

It is 30% wool, 68% acrylic and 2% viscose. Most significantly it is £2 a 100 gm 294 metre ball. One set for a gift and one set for me.

I have been asked to make a large zippered pouch, no worries about fabric really, brights, no sludge browns and " I do like giraffes". before i went to the wool shop on Tuesday I popped into Flying Geese and found this.

I bought a metre, and now wish I had more, it will make part of the bag and I will pick some other fabrics in toning colours for the rest. I will probably use the bird box fabric for lining.

As I was leaving this little pack of fat quarters grabbed my attention, cool blues from Gutermann and only £12 rather than £18. I am slowly building a stash of these softer shades and have plans to use them. 

I have an Autumn quilt in the pipeline, I can not decide whether it will be a disappearing 4 patch or HST,s. I may have to toss a coin. I have several prints in the colour way that I want but will need to look for a solid for background and or sashing. 
Oh Dear, another visit to the quilt shop. How annoying.

Ben is off to the groomers on Saturday afternoon, it means that I will have to leave Llandeilo show early. It can not be helped, as long as I get to Deb,s stall and find the spinner and her yarn I will be happy. I did try to rearrange the appointment but she is so busy and Ben can not wait another 3 weeks, he is quite a shaggy dog right now.
On that note I think that it is time for a walk, he is prowling around like a cat on hot bricks.

                 TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. I must try and get over to check out the fabric shop perhaps when things are a bit calmer here,have a lovely time at the show :-)

  2. You are sooooo busy with all your sewing and knitting. I think my mojo is gently creeping back and having the house to myself for a few hours every day next week will hopefully bring it right out into the open and I can get on with some of the projects I have the fabrics for.
    Loving those soft blue fabrics-x-

  3. I enjoy your pots and the projects you share.
    The giraffe fabric is very cute and I love the colors.
    The scarf is very pretty.
    I like the yarn as well.

  4. Ah Pam, your posts do make me giggle. There is some serious stash enhancement going on there. Love reading about knit and natter. I'm visiting my new local yarn shop next week and am hoping that a sad look on my face will encourage a Monday group. x

  5. loving the fabric and scarf pattern. x

  6. You certainly have a lot going on. The knit and natter group sounds fun, sadly I haven't been able to find one locally. Love the fabric with the giraffes.

  7. I love the blue and the tweed yarn. Those would have been coming home with me for sure.

    No Knitting group here but I live vicariously through yours.

    God bless.

  8. You sound so busy! knit and natter sounds like fun and time does fly when you are amongst like minded people nice to hear that there was a man getting involved, I like the look of that yarn and very reasonably priced too, the fabric is lovely. have a great weekend. :) xx


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