Monday, 22 August 2016

Life goes on Splashingly

Rain, mist and drizzle with a little fog on the side. Sounds dull but in fact it translates to, Knitting, crochet, sewing with some fabric stroking on the side.
I did get side tracked away from my knitting and did some (long overdue) tidying up, so I still have around 10 rows left on my bright jumper sleeves.

On the plus side I have a nice clear space to make the other two drawstring bags and then decide on the Autumn quilt fabrics. I did manage to decide on the pattern, alternate 4 patches and solid blocks. I have used this layout before and it seems to suit the Autumn colours.

The weather has not been as awful as the forecasts predicted in this area, a couple of pots blown over and the odd tree branch down here and there. I expected to see some quite serious damage and am so happy that it did not happen.

I am still on my knitted sock journey, I have yarn and patterns and just need to get the right size circular and a set of 5 dpns.
I have found a pattern for WW2 socks with no heel shaping, they are knitted in a rib pattern that twists around the sock. The idea being that they would fit any sized foot, these will be the first pair that I try, I just hope that curiosity will not kill this cat.

Nothing to photograph, the light is far too poor anyway, but I will take a couple of the new bags later and the jumper (fingers crossed that it will be done today).

Ben had a hair cut on Saturday, I was having a senior blonde day and got up thinking that it was Friday. It was only a reminder call from the groomer that woke me up, so I missed the Llandeilo show. I am so annoyed with myself, but all is not lost, there is a wool/sheep fest in Llandovery at the end of September and a wool fair in Narberth on October 8th.

I am intrigued by spinning want to see what is involved. Space will be the deciding factor, it may be a case of spinning wheel or quilting frame. I also want to have a bash at weaving, I did both of these as a child and they are now regaining popularity. This means that the essential tools are much more readily available and at a cost that is no longer quite as eye watering.
Then there is yarn dying, I have seen kits for sale at competitive prices and there are food colourings that are excellent for this use.

As my word for the year was Time and the year is nearing the end of the third quarter I really would like to get one of these started soon.
I have slowed down quite a bit, not on the crafting but in other areas. I am enjoying strolling with the dogs, rather that the almost forced marches that we used to take. Most of the credit for this has to go to Ben's age, he has slowed down dramatically during this year.
The garden work has eased off, I no longer pursue every weed, I do what is needed when I get round to it. The housework can slip a bit as long as certain jobs are done daily.
I do like the laundry washed, dried, ironed and put away in one day but now if it takes three I just shrug.
I still meal plan most weeks, I do have a week here and there (this is one) when I open the freezer or look in the pantry and take what is nearest to hand. Tonight it is a Lidl pulled pork joint, bought half price early in the year, with potatoes from the garden and either salad or cauli and broccoli. Tomorrow is still a mystery.
I made cake yesterday, it is sliced, wrapped and frozen for future treats. I have not got the will power to have it readily available.

I am off to do a spot of chauffeuring now so it is toodle pip.

                     TTFN                                     Pam



  1. We've had quite heavy rain at times this weekend with just enough sun to charge up the solar lights in the garden.
    I'm a fabric stroker too and love taking out piles of fabric to look at, stroke and then put away again until I am ready to do something with it-x-

    1. I find that just touching the fabric can spark an idea of what to make next.

  2. You can have a spinning wheel AND a quilting frame..I have a wheel, and a circular lap quilting frame that is easy to use and store...
    The food colourings for wool are not really very colour fast....there are photos online showing how quickly they fade...we also use "Kool Aid" here....again not colour fast. It is a drink mix you mix with water and sugar....
    Lucky you have so many sheep and wool shows so near! We have one small one near and two far large ones several hours away. I do have home grown fleeces in the barn and pasture, though!

    1. My Grace frame takes a floor space of about 13' by 6' which is around a third of my sewing room floor plan, add in the table, ironing board and Horn cabinet there is just room for essential storage. I do have a wall of shelving almost to ceiling height with my rulers, rotary cutters, hoops and soon hanging under them. There really is no space for anything else and I do not want to have crafting things in the sitting room, I have managed to let a few knitting project bags sneak in.

  3. Rain here too on and off so the lawns will have to wait for another day. Love the idea of pulled pork I bought some last week as it was Lidl's offer of the week.

    1. I will find out what I have when it goes into the oven. I quite like a surprise.

  4. I love your enthusiasm for all things crafty and for food. Finally stopped stroking the stash today and made some bunting for a wee boy's new bedroom. Hope this is my mojo returning but it's still a bit warm for me today. Yarn Harlot's blog is good for all things wooly! Catriona

  5. Rain outside equals play inside. Great fun.

  6. Yesterday rained and today's been on and off. I don't mind, we've had a nice summer and like you it gives me reason to curl up with the crafting xx

  7. I think we are in for some nicer weather now Pam. I'd like to dye some yarn too. In the autumn edition of Pom Pom magazine there are some features on natural dyeing and my new local yarn shop stocks skeins for this purpose. I'm playing catch up so if I don't get to your drawstring bag post (I read it whilst in work) I thought it was great and hope to try and make one this week x

  8. I like the sound of your rain; we haven't had any for weeks. Hot and dry here, but I ain't moaning.

  9. I swear I will not take up spinning as I have of time to do all that I want to do now. I love a stroll, it isn't how fast you walk, it is all about just getting out to walk.


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