Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Not your average shawl.

The sneezy cobweb beat me, I intended to use both balls of Eskimo Kisses but threw the towel in at one. The other will not be wasted though, I will be making a cape for Kaitlyn and will use it as trim.

As you can see it is not a shawl, but will be perfect for Francesca on her commute to work.

It is Kaitlyn's Birthday at the end of the month, she has asked for dressing up things. I have filled a bag with lots of pretties but could not find a feather boa. 
Not to be beaten I got two balls of Eskimo in pink from Debs wool shop.

17 Stitches and umpteen rows later and this is the result, fluffy enough to please the Diva and quite wearable out.

I just want to make a load of pompoms and chain them together I have seen these "scarves" at ridiculous prices, I will use odd balls from the scrap bag.

I made the prototype bag up, I do not claim this as mine it is just my take on a drawstring bag.

It is quite tall, I wanted it to swallow a knitting project on long needles. It is interfaced with Pellon Shape Flex and lined with curtain lining for extra body. I used some ribbon for ties as I have quite a few metres in the stash, and could not face sewing some. It holds 3 x 200 gm balls of yarn with no trouble. The next one will wider and will have a full length pocket for needles and a smaller one for tape measure and so on. I have pulled the fabric and will run one up tomorrow.

Knit and Natter was good today, mind you it always is. We had a visitor, a young girl who has learnt cross stitch and knitting and now is ready to crochet. I was lucky enough ( and fast enough) to claim the pleasure. Once she had mastered holding the wool and getting the hook to face the way she wanted it was all systems go. Mum is going to bring her next week and I am looking forward to seeing her progress. I have found a book with very clear drawings and photos to take for her. As luck would have it I had a hook and an extra project bag with me so she is fully kitted out.

I went to Flying Geese and found a couple of gorgeous yellow fabrics and a charm pack, and was given a bag of scraps. Not little crumbs and scraggy bits, Oh No, some very large pieces and I see lots of fun in my near future. I spotted some colours that will tone with the Fat Bottomed Bag so aim to make a zipper notions pouch to go with it.

Dinner was a very easy jacket potato, cold pork and salad, tomorrow I will be back at the wool shop so will be throwing a casserole in the slow cooker.

Now I am off to get the kettle on, last cuppa of the day.

        TTFN                                                          Pam.

PS The new yarns were in, and patterns, I did succumb and will share tomorrow.


  1. Love your creations especially the pink one, looks really soft and fluffy.

  2. The draw string bag is fab Pam, very useful. It sounds like the young girl had an ideal first lesson with you, I'm sure she will return for more. x

  3. Lovely work as always Pam, shame you live so far away, I can crochet but can't follow the pattern how ever hard I try, it just doesn't click.

  4. The pink scarf is so cute. Any little girl who wants a boa would be lucky to get it. I'd love to see one in neon orange or blue too. You are so talented. Fabric, thread, wool, needles were not my friends. Cooking on the other hand......

  5. What a lucky young lady to have you as her teacher. I never learned to crochet, wish I could...the scarves are both really lovely. I have some green fluffy yarn that I don't quite know what to do with, perhaps a narrow scarf is the way to go.

  6. head is spinning with all your finished projects. Just love that pink scarf-x-


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