Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Happy Days

This morning I had another look at my Tuesday buys, and I am even more pleased with them.

These are much more yellow in the flesh, I have a metre of each.

I can not resist a little Kate Spain, I have never found a pattern in her collections that I disliked.

The reds are so bold,

and I love the way they merge into the bold greens.

Then into pale Aqua and Taupe.

Which in turn slide into the pale acid green.
A few of these have been added to a WIP and will be on here tomorrow.

I may have said that knit and Natter was busy, so much chatter going on. I did not join in much as my focus was on our newest and youngest member. I did manage to buy a little yarn though.

It is sparkly, it is bright and full on "in your face" and there are many who would regard it as vulgar. I took one look and said some of that has my name on it. I have 3 balls and it is over the top and I love it.
I have a pattern for a knitted and plaited wreath, I aim to make 3. I will use some white with this and hope to cast on for next Tuesday.
Did you notice the colour, it brings a song to mind,

It's going to be a Welsh, Welsh Chr.......... Oops that should be cold, well no worries, I will sing what I want.

I did pop over for a couple of hours today, and yes I did buy some yarn, and yes I will share.

It has been a funny day, fluctuating from Brrrr to Phew and back again in minutes. I walked Ben and wore a thick jacket and could have done with a hat and scarf, ten minutes later it was sultry and heavy.

Dinner was a beef casserole, started and put in the slow cooker mid morning. A sweet potato done in the microwave and some broccoli, also a 3 minute ding and dinner was ready. It was delicious, and there is enough casserole for another dinner, possibly with some quinoa. I love the nuttiness of it and only 12 minutes or so to cook.

It is quite early but I am tired, another early bird morning, the noise in my ears could have been a clutch of baby birds trilling away.

I did not waste the dawn hours, I have a baby quilt almost ready to bind and another stacked to sew. I have also refined the drawstring bag and rooted out my heavy duty interfacing to try. It will be beany burgers ( flat felafels really) so not too much work. I will make them first thing so they have plenty of time to firm up in the fridge.

On that note I am off to make a cuppa.

                     TTFN                                                    Pam

PS, I need to grow another set of arms, so many patterns, so much lovely yarn and fabric.


  1. Be still my beating heart....I am in love with all of the fabrics and that yarn is gorgeous. I'd love to buy some but it would only be to would never get used.
    Can't wait to see what you do with it all-x-

    1. I get carried away sometimes, but I will finish one item before I cast on anything else.

  2. The fabrics are so pretty. How do you ever decide what to work on first? You really do get a lot done! Your meal sounds delicious!

    1. I do get myself in a tizzy sometimes, I just make a cup of tea and wander round the garden to clear my mind.

  3. The Christmassy yarn is in your face festive! The bee fabric is just sooooo ace. I could just buy fabric to keep looking at it! Like art work! It's tipping it down here. And dark. Good. An excuse to stay inside and be at one with my sewing machine/knitting!!

    1. I do tend to hoard favourites, I just pulled some Savannah Bop fabric that I have had for years. It is perfect for the baby quilts.

  4. Love your fabric, you have inspired me to learn to sew, hubby bought me a sewing machine for my birthday. Can't wait to get started. Love your blog xx

    1. There are lots of you tube tutorials out there, I recommend Stitch By Stitch, a book by Deborah Moebes and School of Sewing by Shea Henderson. Don't buy expensive fabric to learn with, use an old pair of curtains or a duvet cover, something with a bit of body though as limp fabric will slide around. Have fun.


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