Friday, 5 August 2016

It's been another lovely day.

The sun has shone it's heart out, Ben had 2 leisurely walks and has just had a bath. He is now lying in a patch of sunlight on the floor drying his feet.
The grass has been cut and a general tidy up session took place.

This is one lily from a new variety, it is enormous, I trimmed off 5 flowers that had gone over. It is very tall and a very impressive sight in the garden but I am disappointed with it. The colour is more chocolate than the deep purple I was expecting and the worst thing of all is that there is no scent, nothing at all. 

Whinge over, the postie left me some goodies which helped to cheer me up.

Pretty Pink Parcel.

More Pink inside.

My Addi Lace circulars, with the extra sharp points.
I am in love.

There was also this little tote bag which is just the right size to hold all the needles. All I have to do is remember to put them in it.

There was also this little coaster, just the right size for my mug of tea.

Lots of sewing happened today, I have sadly neglected the Janome whilst rediscovering my love of all things woolly.

Five project bags, all need a press and the lining slip stitched together.

They are made from a pile of charm squares that were begging to become something 

Four are lined with this embroidered flower fabric, I bought it just for this purpose.

This one has a remnant as a lining and I added 2 little pockets to use up an offcut of the other lining fabric.

All in all I have had a really lovely day and intend the evening to be just as good. My new circulars will get an outing, well one set will.

I did manage to read a few posts this morning, and leave the odd comment, and I hope to see a few more later.

Meanwhile it is definitely time for tea, and Ben says that his tummy thinks his throat's been cut.

                            TTFN                                                   Pam 


  1. Shame about your Lily, they usually have an amazing scent.
    I love your bags, you are so talented x

    1. I know that lilies have a strong scent but just one bloom is not too overpowering. I will not be keeping these corms.

  2. A Lily with no scent.....what a shame.
    Nice to have a crafty parcel. I don't order much online these days.
    Your bags are beautiful.....all of them but the one with red and white spots is just gorgeous-x-

    1. I do order things online that I can not find locally. That red and white is the last bit of some polycotton dress fabric from years ago.

  3. Now that is what I would class a perfect flower - Lillies, in my opinion, absolutely stink and give me a headache!! You definitely were a busy sewer

    1. It is funny how we all react to various perfumes. I have lots of hyacinths in my garden but can not have them in the house. They make my sinus cavities itch like the devil.

  4. I agree with Rachel about the lilies scent. I had a terrible time in the choir loft at Easter time because of all the Easter lilies they place around the altar. Since I don't sing anymore.I sit further back and it's not nearly as bad. I like the poinsettias at Christmas better, no smell, no runny nose. After all that, it is gorgeous. Looks violet to me in the picture, though.
    I love the bags, can never have enough tote bags. Books, groceries, things. I have one my kids bought for me that looks like an old time library card.
    Have a wonderful weekend. The haze has just burned off here and the sun is shining.

    1. I have had the fabric sitting out for far too long, I now have some more out for drawstring bags.

  5. You've certainly had a productive day! The project bags are lovely.
    Teresa x

    1. I just felt like a sewing day, it was lovely.

  6. Your bags are lovely as always, your stitching is beautiful.

  7. As usual, your bags are beautiful! You are always so busy and productive. Have you tried your new needles yet? You say that they are very pointy, I'd be poking myself and splitting the yarn I think.
    Your lily looks gorgeous, but I understand your disappointment when it isn't what you expected. I have several lilies. In their first year they were white, yellow, pale orange, med. orange, dark orange, red and black. The second they all came back but the colours range from pale to dark orange and a reddish one. Very disappointed. I read somewhere that orange is the dominant colour in lilies and will take over the colour in all your plants. Well, it sure did in mine!! And, none of them had any scent. I'm also battling the scarlet lily beetle. I'm squishing 3 or 4 a day. I have lots of pictures on my blog.

  8. Such a shame about the Lily not having much scent but I was certainly impressed with the colour, so unusual. Love the project bags.


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