Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Still Struggling.

I am no techy person and windows 10 is still an ongoing and steep learning curve. I had a complete data transfer and just have to find it all!

I have finished the jumper and am pleased with it, although it seems to look better on the dress form : D.




I have cast on a waistcoat for a gift but there is not enough to see the pattern yet, I will share later in the week.

I also cast on a new sock, this is in 100% wool and is super squidgey and bouncy. I am using small needles as these need to be very thick and warm, they will also be a gift.

The colour combination was chosen by the recipient but I chose the pattern.

It is from my sock book and is very simple but effective. I intend to make a pair for myself but in a thinner wool and different colours. I will also put an eye of partridge heel in. This pair is quite short as they will be worn with trainers but mine will be a little longer, I fancy trying a pair with just a short cuff before the heel to wear with my trainers and Mary Jane's.

I will do a longer post, possibly tomorrow, it is knit and natter today and I have a list of chores as long as my arm.
It is not raining right now but the forecast is pretty dire, poor Ben had to suffer the wet 3 times yesterday. He doesn't mind too much but it meant 3 coats and towels to dry.

                        TTFN                                              Pam

PS. I am in danger of becoming a Podcast Junkie, mind you I can knit at top speed while looking at all the lovely ones out there.


  1. I really need to get some socks on the go, I have the books you mention, having spun up enough alpaca I need to get started, love the jumper

  2. If its any consolation I am struggling with the compulsory transfer to Windows 10, I was not very good on the computer to start this just means it takes twice as long. Moan over!!! Love the sweater.

  3. You are so talented pam , You produce some beautiful things xxx

  4. Windows 10 came off my computer quicker than it went on.....I hated it-x-

  5. Everything I own would look better on a dress form than me.

  6. Your sock drawer must be full of lots of colourful and different design socks. Are you expectng a cold hard winter? Only joking. I looked on the internet for that sock book, but at over £11 I thought I would make do with what I had as I couldn't justify spending that amount for one or two pairs I would knit.

    Joan (Wales)

  7. It depends what you are used to. I put off upgrading to Windows 10 until last month. I was using 8.1 and can see very little difference. I can't see any benefits either but my sister insists they are there somewhere!

  8. Absolutely love the sock color. I can't wait for fall when I can comfortably wear socks again. For now it's sandals and flip flops.
    I like the jumper as well. It's very pretty.

  9. You are certainly on a knitting roll at the moment. Lovely jumper and the socks will soon be finished. Love the foxglove colour incorporated in them.


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