Friday, 10 May 2013

Are We Nearly There Yet ? OH YES!

Happy days, I have started to assemble the 9 patch Quilt as shown on the various tutorials that I watched. Mmm, I have made 2 changes to the method of attaching the joining strips on the back of the Quilt .Have a look and see what you think.

picture 1

All 20 blocks trimmed and ready to join.

picture 2

Front 1 inch joining strips on the left and 1 1/4 inch back joining strips on the right.

picture 3
This shows both front and back strips pinned to the edge of the first block.

picture 4
The first 3 blocks ready to sew. The last block needs no strips.

picture 5

Sewn using a scant 1/4 inch seam, if you have a fancy pants machine just move the needle 2 threads to the right. If , like me, you do not have that option eyeball it. It is a quilt not a life changing operation.

picture 6

Turn the block over and pin the other edge of the joining strip to the next block, right sides together. Remember to choose the opposite edge to where you have put the joining strips on from picture 4. Sew using the scant 1/4 inch seam.

picture 7

Open it out and this is the front, the quilt sandwich edges butt together so there is no gap.

picture 8

Turn the blocks over. This is where I make my first change. All the Tutorials that I saw said to press under 1/4 of an inch of the edge of this joining strip at this point before slip stitching into place.
Any one like to guess how many times I burnt my fingers, TOO MANY.  
On the rest of the rows I will press that edge before joining the blocks

picture 9

And here is my second change, I machined that baby down. quick and easy. If I was making this for an exhibition I would hand sew. But this to be used and the machine stitching is stronger as well as quick.

picture 10

There is a line of machining visible on the front, just, If I liked and needed to I would just sew a parallel
line down the other side.
 You would have to lie down with your nose on the quilt to see this clearly and I do not think that the recipients wife would take very kindly to that.

WOO HOO picture 11

This is the last block in the first row going through the machine for the final seam. You can see that there will only ever be 1 block in the harp space. 

I will finish all 5 rows and then join them up in exactly the same way, the seams and strips will just be longer.

All that remains is for me to make the binding. I seem to remember some deep cream in my stash, I will look at that. If it is too pale I will look for some gold/ deep yellow fabric tomorrow.

Another picture heavy post, it is a shame that the light is bad today, it is nothing to do with the fact that I am no photographer . I hope that you can see how easy this is compared with pushing and  dragging a full quilt through a machine, no matter how big the harp space is.  

I did a quick trip to see Mr S today and dropped Ben off for a haircut on the way. A side trip into B & Whoseits for wood to make a garden bench. Less than 2 hours and I can say without a doubt that with the petrol price being so low and my favourite coffee on offer plus THE bacon I am a happy little shopper.
I spotted some tasty looking sausages so it will be breakfast for dinner tomorrow, I might even make fluffy pancakes and pour some maple syrup about a bit. Might just whizz up a few hash browns or latkes.  On that thought I better take Ben out and walk it off before I eat it.

Dinner tonight is in the slow cooker. Pork steaks in a new beer flavoured with ginger, I will reduce it and add some barbecue sauce to serve with mashed potato and veg. TTFN   Pam 


  1. Your quilt is coming on a treat, it looks lovely and snuggly. It sounds like a complicated method but I suppose to such an experienced quilter like you its easy. I did manage to make my summer bunting today :-)

    Glad you got THE bacon lol

    1. I have found it so easy and it is the first time thar I have used this method.

  2. Oh my, I take your point about dragging a huge quilt through the machine, but my head is hurting just reading about your hard work with the piecing strips. Ah well, each to her own! And speaking of which I was at S today picking up some cooking bacon - and I always think of you when I buy it!!

    Your supper recipe sounds delicious, one to try, methinks! Have a good weekend. Lx

  3. I would have used sashing strips anyway so there was no extra work except for the strips on the back, I have found it so easy I will use this method on as many big quilts as I can. I expect to find that some blocks will not work.
    One day we are going to fall over each other at the bacon counter. Take care. Pam

    1. I resolve always to wear a red-rose buttonhole when skulking the aisles at that particular emporium, and you could perhaps always carry a folded copy of Le Monde.

  4. This is brilliant! Thankyou so much for showing us in such a detailed way!!

    I shall be making my next quilt the same way as this, and maybe even get around to blogging it :)

    Have a happy weekend. Hope the sun shines your way :)

  5. Glad to be of help. I read lots of tutorials and sometimes there are vague bits that I just can not get. I will do my best to enjoy the weekend, I am not back to work till Wednesday. I see lots of cooking, sewing and reading plus some practice embroidery in my near future. Such a shame that there will also be washing up and ironing as well.
    Have a good weekend and do blog, i love reading about other peoples crafty goodies, it inspires me to do more.


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