Tuesday 7 May 2013

Frantic Fabric Phone Case Tutorial

Another gloriously sunny day, and what about yesterday!!
 Bank Holiday Monday with SUNSHINE!! all I can say is Woo Hoo.

I played with my quilt blocks and they are all basted and half are quilted, another WOO HOO
We had a quick and easy dinner, Francesca washed up and cleared the kitchen, Michael kept the dogs out of the way ( AKA a joint snooze on the sofa lol) 

I managed a quick trip to the little garden center just outside Long Sutton, as garden centers go it is not very exciting BUT they have a spinning center that gives lessons and there is a little sewing center, it was closed but looks as if they do workshops, I will be checking it out!

On the subject of sewing, Francesca has been showing off her quilted phone covers and a few of her fellow train travelers have asked how to do this, and 1 or 2 of her colleagues at work. With a little fore thought  I took a load of photos, at least Michael did so I have cobbled together a little show and tell.

I used scraps of fabric from other projects and odd bits of batting to make these although the blue patterned fabric here came from Frantic Antics and I was very reluctant to cut into it.
 Be warned this is very picture heavy.

I measured her Phone and it was just under 3 inches by 5 inches ( I cook in metric but sew in English)
So I cut outer fabric ( from Frantic), lining and batting at 4 3/4 inches by 14 3/4 inches.

I layered the batting and the outer fabric right side up and quilted simply.
I sewed straight down one long edge when I got to the end I lifted the presser foot and pulled the sandwich away from me, leaving the threads attached and turned it clockwise, I then just had to move it over ready to sew the next line of quilting. 

Just like this. I repeated this until I reached the other side, leaving the width of my presser foot at each side.

I am sorry but this photo will not turn round. I layered the quilted piece onto the lining fabric  and rounded off the top corners, as it was small I did it free hand. I have put the outer fabric on top here so that you can see it clearly.

To sew the parts together you need to put the lining right side down onto the outer fabric, this is when you pop in the hair elastic, put around 2/3rds  inside your sandwich ( this will be your button loop when you turn it right side out later) and pin in place.
 Sew across 1/4 of the bottom edge up the long side, ease the sandwich round the curve ( I back stitched over the hair elastic just to make it more secure) and down the other long side and then across 1/4 of the bottom. Back stitch at start and finish. trim the pointy bits off the bottom corners, not cutting the stitches and turn right sides out through the gap in the bottom edge.

The rounded edge should look like this.

This shows the gap left for turning and the clipped corners.

Push it through the gap till it is right side out and press turning the raw edges in at the gap, I then top stitched round closing the gap on the way.

Fold right sides together leaving the rounded edge to turn down,I turned the bottom edge up by  5 1/4 inches  to fit the phone length, and pin in place. Slip stitch together, only sew into the outer fabric so that no lining shows once you turn it right side out.

Sew on a button and there you are.
This photo is standing on it's head and will not go back the right way.
Hey ho some you win.

This took longer to photograph than to sew, I made 3 in different colours and it took just over an hour. I could have made them all from scraps but Francesca fell in love with the blue fabric when I unwrapped it.
Needless to say I have hidden the rest away for me.

Dinner tonight will be a pie made from the topside that I casseroled  when I made the Beef Olives, we will have what ever veg I touch first with that. I will cook some more rhubarb and make a fool with the remainder  of a tub of Greek yogurt that was reduced to 10p in the Co op yesterday. Some of it fell onto my dish of fruit for breakfast this morning  along with a few flaked toasted almonds and maybe a little drizzle of maple syrup. Whoops, clumsy me. and of course in the spirit of waste not want not I ate it .
Time for more tea.  TTFN  Pam


  1. Love your phone case, Pam and your tutorial is very clear.

    Haha - you suffer from magic food too, do you? The sort that just appears on your plate/dish or in your mouth before you've realised it! Too true, the only polite thing to do is to eat up!

  2. I tell you Lynne it was pure magic, I just hope for a rewind and replay tomorrow he he.oops no more yogurt,better dig the Lakeland maker thingy out and get some on the go.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. The phone case is lovely, such pretty fabric. I'm useless at sewing, knitting and crochet are more my thing, so I'm always envious when I see the lovely projects people have undertaken.

  4. I can knit but not for long at a time, my hands get sweaty yeugh. I can not crochet, I can cobble a granny square together but i would not want to share it with anyone.

  5. whoop!!! lovely use of that fabby fabricxxx

    1. I was reluctant to use it for some one else but pushed my selfish thoughts down.

  6. Hello Pam, I am so glad you commented on my blog as through it, I found my way to yours.

    1. I have been following for a while now, I stumbled across your blog from a comment somewhere else.

  7. Love the blue fabric Pam, it is so fresh looking.
    Re quilting machines, take a look at Janome & Elna or Husquavarna
    machines, one of them has the longest arm available for domestic quilting but I can't remember which one. I do know that a proper long arm quilter is the price of a small car and would need a lot of space to set it up properly.

    1. I am trying out the QAYG method and so far so good, butmy savings are growing steadily, I have looked at Janome and Bernina and thought about a Juki, they have an amazing harp space but only do straight stitch.

  8. Great one. This fabric phone case is really amazing and it is soo easy to make. I will make one to my Gemma Correll - iPhone 4S Case. Thank you again for this.


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