Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hyperactive. Me. No just having a yellow day

What a day, sun, rain, hail,sun, cold, rain,wind,rain, more rain, a little sun with rain and wind. Internet coming and going. more going than anything.

On  positive note, I have emptied the laundry basket, I know it has rained but I put it on airers in the corner with the dehumidifier going and the heating is on and it dried.
I then emptied the ironing basket, no I did not hide it I ironed it!

I emptied one of the four cupboards either side of the fireplace, threw some away, sent some to the CS and put the pitiful remains into a box for consideration.

That cupboard now holds:-
1, A container with my latest project.
2. A container full of strips these are destined to be string blocks.
3. My collection of pure cotton threads.
4. A box of small patchwork templates, thimble, stitch ripper, block of beeswax and snips.
5. A bag of scissors and rotary cutters.
6. 2 cutting mats and 3 rulers.

There is still a little room but I have allowed for a larger project than my current one.
I would take a photo but my camera and my phone are in the car and Michael has taken it to work.

Dinner was a casserole from the freezer with dumplings and fresh veg. I was given an armful of rhubarb so that has been diced and open frozen and is now bagged up and in the freezer.

I made a banana loaf cake and a coconut one and 5 pasties, these are for Neville and Marina my neighbours either side.

I have had a productive day and feel good, I hate grey days and usually get the blues but today has been a yellow day. Time for tea and telly I think.     TTFN      Pam


  1. Tah-Dah! I hereby award you the Wonderwoman Award, for actions beyond the call of duty. I mean, really, emptying the ironing basket the day you did the washing, come on!
    It's a great feeling isn't it, when you resist the pull of a comfy chair and a good book on a grey day, and actually get on and do something. (Though I think the ironing was a step too far.......)

    1. confession time......again, I had such a lazy day Wednesday that my batteries were fully charged and I could not keep still. I am still fizzing, although a bit calmer now.

  2. Hi Pam, My goodies arrived this morning :-) thank you so much, they are all gorgeous and perfect colours.

    Friday fettle for us today, hubby is doing the bathrooms as I type :-D Just a bit of ironing left to do and then we've finished! Weather here is dreadful and the heating is ON!!!


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