Saturday 18 May 2013

Quick Throw and a Thrifty Cushion

First I would like to welcome a new follower from Texas, you can see the little thumbnail of Bluebonnets, very pretty, and a reminder that I have all that scrumptious Bluebonnet fabric to play with.

I really have to use some of my fabric as there are new collections coming out that I have fallen for,I am also nearly finished on a pair of quilts, made to order, which will generate even more scraps. Yum.

Francesca asked for a lightweight throw for the summer, her room faces north and although warm needs colour in it. I had a stack of charm packs from Bonnie & Camille and let her cherry pick through them. I took one colour and bought a fleece throw from Dunelm, only £4.99 and made this.

Then she thought that a cushion would be nice, so I pulled these out of the scrap bin.

I found some decent sized bits and did this

Then this

And carried on stitching and pressing till I got this

I now have 6  of these and will square them up and join them, then quilt them onto some lining material rescued from CS curtains. I will make a simple envelope back and sew the lot together. This will be on her bed with the throw tonight, by the way it is highly unlikely that she will get to put any part of herself on the cushion, there is always at least one of the dogs with her and he will have the cushion, that's just the way it is here.

Dinner tonight is Pork steaks in a barbeque sauce with homemade oven chips  and salad.
I am having a lazy day, i will be at work tonight and Sunday and Monday............then two weeks off Woo Hoo.
This is part holiday and part rest days, boy oh boy am I a happy bunny

I am going to have a coffee and another play with Tom Tom, it is fascinating now but I am sure that the novelty will wear off soon. TTFN    Pam


  1. I just love all the collections and am waiting to buy Happy Go Lucky when it is released as yardage. They have already released a preview of the one after that, very pretty.

  2. I love all those colours Pam and I have bought a quilt with very similar colours for my granddaughters room whenever they stay over.

    1. I do use muted and darker colours but these are my favourites.
      I do use other designers but my "go to" is always Bonnie & Camille, Lori Holt is good and Jenny Taylor. I have been known to buy a dress or a skirt or 3 just to cut up for the fabric, in the sales I hasten to add. Charity Shop curtains are a good source, often I remove the lining give it a hot wash and then dye it for sashing, binding and backing. It is usually wide and takes dye very well.


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