Monday, 13 May 2013

The Parcel Has Arrived

The Postie has been and delivered a stack of mail and the parcel !

All the way from Canada.

Chock full of little gift wrapped surprises.......Oooh

3 shower gels, Orchid, vanilla and lavender.

Some green leaves that dissolve in the bath with a fresh scent.

A packet of jel pens, I will use these planning my next patchwork.

Some scented pencils, I have not opened them and the perfume is filling the room, citrus and jolly nice.

A pink covered note book with a page marker and an elastic strap to keep it closed. This will be just the thing to go into my bag, when I see something for future reference I take notes and photos. I have an eclectic mix of little note pads, sheets of paper and old envelopes with the odd till receipt in a folder.

And last but not least a little bar of 70% dark chocolate, I have to tell you that it is littler now than when I took the photo ;-)

I have been piecing left over fabric to make the scrappy binding for the 9 patch quilt and Ben and Bertie have been busy sorting out the bone from a leg of lamb, we had the lamb last weekend and I froze the bone.

As you can see they are oblivious to what I am doing, they even ignored the Postie ringing the door bell.
I give them a bone on a regular basis as neither of them take kindly to teeth cleaning and gnawing on a bone keeps the dreaded tartare at bay.

It is a sunny day here so far, my washing is blowing on the line, it turned so cold here last night that we put the heating on for a few hours.

I must get back to my sewing now I have to get some things in the post this afternoon and I would like the binding cut and pressed before I go out.     TTFN    Pam    


  1. What a lovely gift, made even more lovely with the bar of chocolate.

    The dogs look as though they are enjoying their treat too.

    We had our heating on last night too, it was very cold here and I don't like the cold!

    1. I wish this weather would make its mind up. This morning it is bright and sunny, who knows what the afternoon will bring.
      The dogs both had a quick dip in the bath when they had finished and their little mats went in the wash. Then I had a shower in lavender.

  2. Wonderful goodies! Enjoy!

    1. I will indeed, the lavender is lovely, not too sure about vanilla though, I don't want to smell like a cake.


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