Wednesday 15 May 2013

Wot No Sewing Here? Well none that I can share.

I see that I have some new followers, you are most welcome, I do see you when you first arrive but I am usually in a tearing hurry and click on Post before my brain catches up with my fingers. Hmm I just looked back at this and I had run about 5 words into 1. I always preview sometimes I  read back and it does not make sense at all.

I had a couple of hours in the garden yesterday, I cleared the last of the rubbish out of the greenhouse and got it ready for when I come back from Wales. I hoed an area ready for sweetcorn, and another ready to empty one of the compost bins on, this will be for my greedy squashes. I have a path leading to "wilderness corner", my hedgehog box is here along with a stand of nettles, long grasses and various plants for wildlife. The path needed defining a bit so I sharpened up my little hook  and cut it back on both sides, now I can get to the blackberries, and to where the Bramley apples fall off next doors tree.
Shame they don't grow the pastry as well :-)

The ironing basket is empty again, not for long, and the Wednesday Whip round with duster and hoover has been done. I want to make up a batch of pastry mix and a couple of cakes then make chicken pie for dinner.

I have had a minor disaster, both my sour dough starters have died, my own fault my cottage gets very warm when the sun shines and we had 2 very hot weeks. I had both starters out of the fridge to use for a baking session, fed them and left them out for 3 days! OOPS. I tried to rescue them but not only were they merely dead, they were really most sincerely dead.
We had a family meeting and the decision was made to just make standard bread for a while.I will probably make a new starter when we have had our  planned trips to Wales.

I need some new shoes, it sounds simple but I have BIG feet, size 9, or 43 in foreign. I usually buy all my shoes from Hotter but have looked and looked and can find none that I like that are not nubuck. Now there is nothing wrong with suede but it is not for me and I like bright colours and I do not want to pay through the nose. I used to buy mainly from the sale section, now they have what they call "Last Chance" and take £5 off, big deal., I like half price or 35% off at least. I have tried size 9 from the high street but they are really an 8 and if I can get my hoofs in them they are too tight.

Next have flats in a 9 but they are very flat and I wear the titchy little heels down when driving, any ideas anyone?

Another grey and blustery day, this weather needs to get over itself and go back to spring, I do not fancy another summer of rain and more rain, any more than the rest of the country.

Michael is reading over my shoulder and has asked for bacon chops on a bed of apple and onions and baked in cider, he will get a version. I have apples and onions but no cider however there is a glass of rose wine lurking in the fridge, I will mix that with some chili sauce, a splash of light soy sauce and a splash of sherry and pour the lot over the apples, onions and chops. On with some foil and into the oven for up to 2 hours, I will pop some potatoes into bake in their skins and we will have it with salad.

I would like to have my greenhouse planted up but have nobody to look after it for my trip away so it will happen on my return, I did the same thing last year and all was well, I have my plants all ready to go to a friends greenhouse for their little vacation and she will bring them back for me.

My teacup is empty again, I would not mind a £1 for every time I pick a cup up only to find that it is empty. I would be fairly well off!  Any how it is  that time again.      TTFN      Pam    


  1. Have just checked my mug of green tea. Make that my EMPTY mug. When did I finish that??

    Same here on the sourdough - I didn't kill my starter but was getting confused between various recipes - some make a sponge, others just use the starter to throw into the bread dough (well, some of the starter.) I was just not getting my act together, so for a while we are back to standard baking or soda bread when in a hurry. I may try again sometime. Hope
    you have more luck with your shoes. We took mum to Hotter, and she ha
    s AWFUL feet, they were so helpful she was pleased as punch to come out with 2 pair which are comfortable.
    I am very bad at welcoming new followers, because I never find out til it is too late, I ought to do a general hello at the beginning of the post. Well am off to Dereham to play at the folk club tonight, I may well get blown there in these awful winds. Does the Weather Angel know it is Spring, not late autumn?? Lx

    1. I think that the Weather Angel is on holiday in Florida or LA.
      I found a new recipe for soda bread today, I will try it out and share if it good.

  2. I have to keep telling my hubby off for constantly bringing me COLD TEA!! He makes me a regular supply while I'm crafting and I forget its there until its gone cold...oops... I drink more microwaved tea on craft days and its not as nice as fresh lol

    I absolutely hate shopping for shoes, I cant abide bedding them in, they have to feel like slippers from the start. My everyday shoes are so comfy I went back and bought another pair the same lol. My hubby thinks I'm mad, I have to say he is the Emelda Marcos of men, he loves shoes.... weird! lol

    Bog standard bread in the breadmaker for us :-) x

    1. My tea does not get cold, I just drink it without registering it. I vote for comfort but I do like colour, Michael is a "boots" man he has about 9 pairs.
      I am back using the bread maker, only twice a week we seem to have cut down on bread.


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