Monday 20 May 2013

Is Anybody Awake

I am busy sorting out my material, I saw a marvelous thing on a blog awhile ago. I bought one of those canvas she storers that hang in the wardrobe and have filled each section with a different colour, well filled is the wrong word.
I have enough Pink, Yellow and Red to fill 2 sections each, I only have 2 pieces of Aqua left. I have BROWN in large quantities, where did that come from ?
I have a good selection of blues, I found a bundle that I bought very very cheap 2 years ago. But most amazing is that I have stacks of Purple and quite a bit of Orange.
I have taken on board three things,
 1, I need another shoe thingy
 2, I need more Aqua.
 3, I am not so colour restricted as  thought I was.

I just had an email from a work colleague copying me in on a message she received today, One of our boilers is being shut down for necessary work at 2.00 tomorrow morning. This has been planned for some time and an email was sent out 2 weeks ago. In their wisdom the powers that be sent it to all the leaf department, for both shifts, all the logistics department for both shifts and to deli assembly and mixing.
The only people that will be affected are those cooking at 2.30 in the morning, oh that will be me then!

I sometimes wonder about management.

I once told a factory production manager that If every woman ran their homes as he ran his factory there would be nobody at work from Wednesday. When he asked me why I told him that they would have no clean clothes to wear.

It does not get any better, we ran out of tomatoes a few days ago. They go into 60% of our products!

I am off back to my sorting.      TTFN    Pam


  1. Seems like some serious fabric shopping will be done in the future
    The shoe thingies ? a brilliant idea

    1. Well there is a lovely fabric shop very close to where we will be staying in Wales. he he

  2. Great idea with the shoe storers, Pam.

    Oh dear, Management eh? Tell me about it - I worked for the NHS - 'nuff said!! Lx

    1. I can not recall where I saw them but I am going to get at least 2 more. I can see, at a glance, exactly what and how no no I mean how little I have. I need to come up with a similar idea for charm squares and other cuts, at the moment they live in plastic boxes. These are transparent but I still have to drag them out and go through to see what I have.

  3. The joys of being self -employed, I've only myself to moan about!

    1. I know what you mean I was self employed for 10 years and accountants and the dreaded tax man apart it was brilliant.


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